Friday, January 1, 2010

New Beginnings and T Minus 110

Happy 2010!! I hope everyone brought in the New Year safe!!

As for Brian and I, we had 7 friends over for an evening of food and fun! We decided to keep it low key and it was so much fun. We watched the movie "Public Enemies" ~ with Johnny Depp. I was actually surprised that there were a couple of us who really didn't know the history of John Dillinger and "Baby Face" Nelson or "Pretty Boy" Floyd and their notorious but famous history back in the Great Depression. Very interesting!!! Even the kiddos were into it!

Mmmmm Oreo Truffles. Yes, I cheated on this a little bit. I was distracted by a movie we were watching while simultaneously making these. So finally, I gave up and decided to just leave them un-coated! Oh well, they were still DELICIOUS!!! Not to mention gone by the end of the night!!!

There was even some male bonding going on after midnight! The kiddos had been running around blowing on their party favor horns and ringing some bells, shouting and whooping and hollering "Happy New Year" all around our building! This brought out our next door neighbor....opps. It was all good. He was just wanting to wish us a Happy New Year and join in on the excitement!!! In this photo, our good friend Adam is on the left, Brian is in the middle and our neighbor on the right.

Then it was Wii Bowling time! And can I just tell you how much fun it was? It was so much fun ~ and to think, I didn't even have one drop of alcohol at all! :)

So, who came out the winner when all was said and done?!? Yes, little 'ole me!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I really enjoyed spending the evening at home with close friends! It was bittersweet in some aspects because I wished I was spending the time with family as well. Due to the distance factor, I know it's better and safe that my kiddo's didn't travel the hour and a half one way to join us in the celebration; nor was is feasible for us to spend New Years Eve in Minnesota with Brian's family, but being around close friends made up for it! It's rewarding to have such close friends to be able to share our milestones and memories with!

Today I re-start a past relationship with Jillian Michaels. Yes, I'm going to be seeing her 6 days out of the week! I started her "30 day shred" program several months back, but just gave up. Not this time! I'm dedicated to devote 6 days to her starting today! (Honestly though, I have to admit that I can't seem to find the CD, but I'm determined to locate it today!!)

Today, I also start cooking healthy meals for us. The biggest thing for me to learn how to do is to not cook so much! I'm used to cooking dishes that is for maybe 4 people and it's just Brian and I at home. Needless to say we have tons of left-overs ~ which Brian generally takes for lunch the next couple of days then the rest gets thrown out. I want to learn how to cook meals for two. That way we don't waste anything!

Another goal of mine for 2010 (lifestyle change wise) is that I want to be more Eco-Friendly! I want to really focus on contributing to making the world a better environment for us! I have a very good friend who has an amazing Blog titled Eco-Friendly and Frugal which she shares very informational and educational tips! She has wonderful product reviews and often times awesome Give-Aways.

I've found some very frugal ways to save on everyday household cleaning supplies from another great blog titled The Good Wife ~ clicking her link takes you to her post where she shares all of her recipes for making your own frugal cleaning supplies.

I'm definitely going to use the wealth of information these two ladies share and live 2010 Eco-Friendly and Frugal!

T Minus 110

Yes ~ the big day is 110 short days away. Amazingly enough I am still behind!!!! As you all know, I've been in what I call a 'wedding rut' the last 2 to 3 months. I put everything wedding related on the back burner for some reason; I just wasn't into dealing with it. I'm slowly but surely coming out of said 'rut' and I am going to get off my behind and get things moving along!

Yesterday while out on our date day, I found some awesome Lindor Chocolate Truffles that I am going to put in the Welcome Bags for our cruising guests. It was a great start to gettting back on the track in the wedding planning process. Baby steps......

Oh.....another great wedding related task that's being accomplished (albeit not by me ~ but getting accomplished nonetheless) is CAKE TASTING!!! Remember, one of our AHR's (At Home Receptions) is in Minnesota....and yes, we live in California. So............. my awesome friend Jaye (who happens to be the author of Eco-Friendly and Frugal) is currently visiting family in Rochester, Minnesota for the holidays. Where exactly do Brian's family and friends live in Minnesota?!? Whoa.......Rochester. Where exactly is our Minnesota reception going to be? Yes, Rochester! And so the lovely Jaye has so graciously set up some cake tasting appointments!! She, along with Brian's sister-in-law got to taste several different cakes from The Gingerbread House in Rochester! I am so excited!! AND, they have another appointment today from another bakery! Woo Hoo! So far, the French Vanilla cake with Fresh Strawberries seem to be the hit! (My favorite of course!)

I know, I know, everyone asks me: "Are you making your own wedding cake since you do that for a living?" And my answer to that would be that I would LOVE to, and I am most certainly doing it for our local reception here in California, however for our Minnesota one, most definitely not! There is no way possible I could create exactly what I would like to have with only going to Minnesota 3 days prior to the event! It's stressful enough having to plan the reception across the thousands of miles to begin with!!!!!

So yeah....I suppose things are getting done. Maybe at a slow pace, but they're getting done.

Please take the time to look at my Verse of the Day today. Maybe make it a daily thing every day. I know that sometimes just reading something uplifting can have a huge impact on your day. :)

Have a great Friday and Happy New Year everyone!!


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