Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF! Horrible Thursday ever!!!

Thank goodness it's Friday! What a week!

I FINALLY got my business completed at the DMV yesterday, but not without more drama. Let me fill you in on my day yesterday.

Yesterday being Thursday, is usually Brian and my DATE DAY. However, this particular week, Brian had to go into work for half a day. I ♥ Target! Well, I decided... gee...since he was going to be working from 8 a.m. to noon, I'd just go with him, drop him off at Target then hit the DMV in Merced. When I get done there, I'd do a little shopping or stop at a nearby Starbucks and do a little reading. Sounds like a plan huh?!? Well, let me tell you...... so not the way it transpired!

I get to the DMV at approximately 8:20, get my number - B-29 and take a seat. I look up at the monitor and they've just called B-15. Ah....not too terribly bad. I break out my book (book #8 by the way) and start reading. Time passes, the numbers are getting called. A's, B's, C's, D's, and so on. All the other number's are getting called rather slowly, but the B's are going quite smoothly.

At about 10:15, I look up at the monitor again and they're on B-26. Woo Hoo! They call "B-27" and I'm totally getting excited!! I'm only two numbers away! A few minutes later, this lady comes to the front...... she makes an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, right now, all of our systems are down."

WHAT?!? All systems are down?!?

Yes, they're down Statewide. They expect it to be back up and running in about 30 minutes.

I figured it's only 10:15, I can politely wait for 30 minutes. No biggie. I continue to read my book; i's a very interesting read and I'm just about done, so I'm totally into it. At about 11:30 right as I finish my book, here comes Miss DMV lady to the front again.

"We've received an update and they're now saying that it'll take another 30 minutes to an hour or so."

At this point, I can't wait any longer. Brian will be getting off of work soon and I need to go. So, I'm lucky enough to receive a handy, dandy little orange post it not which says that the next time I come I get to have an "Appointment Number" which drastically cuts the wait time down. Woooooo. Whatever.

So, I head back to Super Target, go to the Grocery side and look for Brian. When I saw him, I immediately tell him about my horrible wait FOR NOTHING and he just shakes his head and laughs. Not nice!!

As we're leaving Target, I advise Brian that he's taking me to lunch. It's still Thursday, and it's still our Date Day whether or not he worked! Humph...that will teach him! We go to our usual Thursday Morning establishment and have a bite to eat. He decides that maybe we should drive by our local DMV to see how long the lines are, and maybe by this time their systems are back online. So we do just that. There was quite a line outside in the wind and rain. Brian suggests that we stop and see if the nice lady from the day before happens to be back from her "break". (Remember she told me to go home and get my check book and come back ~ avoid the lines and she'll take care of me.) So we bypass the 20+ people standing in the yucky weather and walk in. And viola! She's back from her "break" and so I get her attention. She remembers me! Yipee! She takes my check and returns with my 2011 Tags.


You can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not going to wait until the last minute to ever to this again!

Yes, so that was the whole DMV fiasco yesterday. We also had several other bad issues transpire as well, but I won't bore you all with the details.

To make a long story short:

  • We got into a heated discussion with Verizon Wireless because although we're paying for 5 friends and family numbers where we can call those numbers and not get charged any minutes on TWO SEPARATE phones, TWO SEPARATE accounts, for some reason it's not letting me choose my 5. It's linked to Brian's 5 and I should be able to have my own 5. Anyway, when it came down to it, they knocked $40 off our bill, and will work on the issue.

  • We discover that there was an error on one of our charges from Dinner the last week. What was a $18.00 transaction at the restaurant went thru as a $27.10 transaction thru Wells Fargo. Um.... $9.10 more than what we actually signed our credit card slip for. It was an honest mistake by the restaurant for sure, but we still had to go and take care of it.

  • We get to our Thursday night $1.50 Margarita Spot, and discover that the parking lights on my Honda was staying on. Nothing we could do would get them to turn off. So, we had to ditch our Margarita night and head home. Brian then disconnects the batter cable from the battery so it doesn't drain over night. He'll have to take a look at it this afternoon when he comes home from work.

I suppose it allowed us to stay home and enjoy a nice, yummy Lasagna dinner at home. Here's a picture:

This lasagna was YUMMY!!! In fact, I've posted it on my Recipe tab. I'll have you know that I bought ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS at Target! And they were all Target Brand. I used Archer Farms Italian Sausage, the Ground Beef was from Target as well. The Pasta Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, Eggs, Italian Cheese Blend and Oven-Ready Lasagna Noodles were all Market Pantry Brand from Target. Did you all know that I ♥ Target?!?

I suppose it was a nice ending to a horrible day for me. I'm hoping today will be a little better!!

My wedding ticker just climbed under the 3 month mark! Yikes!!

wedding planning

And I've got tons of stuff left to do.

  • Get fitted and have dress altered

  • Figure out the chair situation for the beach ceremony

  • Get marriage license

  • Ensure sailing guests that haven't done so yet pay off their balance by Feb. 16th

  • Finish Cabin Door Hangers

  • Create Welcome Bag tags

  • Make the inserts for the travel mugs for the Welcome Bags

  • Create the Welcome Letter

  • Have the Photo Share Cards Printed

  • Have the Wedding Day Timeline Printed

  • Decide on Make Up and Hair

  • Put together AHR Menu for the California Reception AND the Minnesota Reception

  • Reserve the tables and chairs for the California Reception

  • Finish the AHR Boarding Pass Invites

  • Make the soap and candy favors for the shower in March

  • Decide what to do with the Palm Fans

And that's just the beginning of it all. Don't you guys feel the least bit sorry for me?!? Or at least sympathize with me?

Have an AWESOME Friday!! Be safe out there and brave the weather!


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