Monday, January 25, 2010



Mondays left.


Days until we sail.


Days until our vows.

Can you all start freaking out with me please?!? I haven't even ordered my bouquet yet. Nor have I ordered the gals' bouquet. Or the the guys' bouts. What is with me?!? I mean seriously shouldn't these have been done already? Especially since these have to be Silk Flowers? Aye Carrumba!!! I'll be working on that today for sure!! :)

Book Goal

Did you guys noticed that over the weekend, I finished book number 9. I'm very excited! I love to read and can lounge around all day if I could and just read, read, read!

A friend of mine, who is also a Destination Wedding Bride to Be told me about this website called PaperBack Swap. It's a web site where you can trade your books that you have at home. So, if you have books sitting at home collecting dust and you want to 'recycle' them, you can swap them for another book with other readers. You list your available books and other members will be able to see what's in your library. You'll have to mail it to that person who requests it, but in the same token, when you request a book, it'll be mailed to you at the shipper's expense. I just recently signed up, but haven't had the opportunity to actually 'swap' anything just yet. I'll definitely be taking advantage of that today though. It's something worth checking out!!!

Well, I just finished my 'Quiet Time', reflecting on today's Verse of the Day along with my morning Fruit Smoothie, so now it's time to let Jillian do what she wants with me. I know I'll be hurting later this afternoon, but remember.......... I only have 86 days left until I need to fit properly in this:

So, with that being said....let the Shredding begin!

Happy Monday!!!


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