Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ahh....Football Sunday 2010 ~ Do or Die Games

Yes I represent the Pittsburgh Steelers! :)

How does a gal raised in Hawaii who ventured out to California become a Steeler fan?!? Um...good question. All I know is that while I was growing up, my mother was a DIE HARD football fan. Her team was the San Francisco 49er's. We spent many a Sundays watching 49er football and eating some wonderful food. Many times it was just her and I. I think know this is where I get my knack for whooping and hollering with the best of them!

For those of you who don't know me, I am the ultimate football fan! I get totally into it ~ it never siezes to amaze even some of my closest friends! You know...when we're at our local Sunday hangout and there's 'newbies' around, they tend to look at me in the weirdest way when I'm yelling out "GET 'EM, GET 'EM" or "WOO HOO". And believe me when I say that I'm yelling out. I have no shame! I love Football and I love my Steelers.

I have to admit ~ I did cheer on the 49er's in my Junior High / High School days. Come on.... I lived in the Bay Area. It was either the Oakland Raiders or the San Francisco 49er's. Although I lived in a City right next door to Oakland, the 49er's were a better team back then. But then, for some unknown reason I became of fan of the Pittsburgh Steeler's. I've never looked back. 23 years later I am still a devoted Steeler fan!! And darn proud of it!!!

Today is the last regular season game for all teams. Today is the "big" day ~ do or die ~ so to speak for not only the Steeler's but many other teams who are hoping to gain a spot in the post season play offs. It may be slim pickin's for the reigning Super Bowl Champs, but pulling off a win today with the help of a couple of other teams losing, we could untimately pull it out!

With that being said....I'm off to go bake some goodies for my Football Buddies! Today I think I'll do some cupcakes and ice them in Black and Yellow! :) I'll definitely post a follow-up with pictures of said cupcakes along with the results of todays games...... *keep your fingers crossed for my team*


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