Monday, January 11, 2010

SHOUT OUT to the lovely "SALT"!!!

For those of you following me on Blogger, you'll have to go to my WordPress Blog to understand what I'm talking about!!! But........ here's a picture just so you get the point!!

Look up guys!! Yes, up above!!! Did you see my AWESOME new Header?!? Don't you love it! Minnesota Meets California! Yipee!!!

I have to give all the amazing kudo's to a fellow Destination Wedding Bride ~ Lauren a.k.a. "Salt". I met Lauren in an On-Line Community on There's a dedicated forum for brides who are planning a DW where we can all share advice, suggestions and insights in all aspects of planning our weddings. It's in this very forum that I've gotton to know Lauren and we've become great pals!

She has an AWESOME blog as well, and if you don't already follow her, I highly suggest you do!! I guarantee you, your days won't ever be the same if you don't read her updates. She is very blunt, yet humorous ~ very tactful individual and very FOR REAL! Click ----------> HERE <----------- for her link. Show her some love!!!!!


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