Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Knowledge is Power"

Yesterday I did a very small wedding cake for a client. It was just three 6" cakes, very plain, simple and easy! Love those kind!!!


20 years ago yesterday, I gave birth to an amazing, precious and cute little baby girl who captured my heart the minute I laid eyes on her cute little dimples! Today, she is a very well educated, beautiful young woman who has a great head on her shoulders. I am so very proud of her in so many levels! She attends college full-time and has two part-time jobs which she simultaneously juggles. (Sometimes at one of the two jobs, she puts in a 40 hour week).



Yay! I've just finished book #2 for the year 2010 ~ 98 more to go to reach my goal of 100. Yipee!! I finished Susan Wiggs' 2nd book in her "Lakeside Chronicles" series. I found out that there are 4 books instead of the three that I previously shared with you guys.

I am a person who absolutely loves to read! I spend every.single spare moment of my day reading. Some people say I read too much however, I don't believe so. I read an array of subjects, if you will, including fiction, drama, romance, biographies, and many, many more. When I was a little girl I was once told "Knowledge is Power" and I've always kept that quote in the back of my mind while growing up.

I remember also, in 7th grade, I had an Language Arts teacher who started each day with a "Word of the Day" which was written on the chalk board. We had to look up that word, write it's definition and then use it in a sentence three different ways. I learned so many new words that year; periodically, I find myself using words that I learned back then. One of the words that I remember like it was yesterday is "Discombobulated" ~ each and every time I used that word, it reminds me of the "Word of the Day" words back in Junior High.

In 8th grade, I no longer had that same teacher so I made it a point to continue with the routine on my own. Every evening while I was doing my homework, I would break out an Encyclopedia and randomly pick out a word. You know, open to a page, close my eyes, then point to a word. I would then look that word up in the Dictionary and write it in my "Word of the Day" Journal.

Funny, because when my mother diciplined me she would pick a page out of the dictionary and make me copy one entire column (there were two columns per page in our dictionary). Yes....punishment at it's best! I learned many words that way as well. I was really excited when there were words that I already knew from my "Word of the Day" knowledge thru school!

So, my lovely bloggesphere friends ~ today's Word of the Day (according to Merriam Webster) is:

Meaning: to make (something unpleasant or ugly) superficially attractive.
Example Sentence
The authors of the legislation have cosmeticized it with tax breaks and tax cuts.

You've now (potentially) have learned a new word!!!

Something else that I've been doing on a daily basis is keeping up with my "Verse of the Day". I update it daily on my blog which you can view here. There are days when I don't blog about something, but I most definitely take the time to update the Verse of the Day for sure. It's something that helps me define who I am and I try to apply what I learned to my everyday life. It's my Quiet Time for the day should my day become to0 hectic.

On to another subject!! The other day I posted tons of pictures of our overnight road trip to Los Angeles along with a narration of what we did. Well, the 30+ degree temperature change in the climates from one day to the next really took it's toll on Brian. He's been under the weather since super early Friday morning! Poor guy! Needless to say, he stuck it out at work on Friday afternoon and immediately bundled up and went to bed. He spent the entire evening in bed and then yesterday, again, he spent the entire day in bed!!! He's been taking some Cold & Flu over-the-counter meds since Friday so I hope he'll be feeling better today. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would be a 24-hour bug, but I highly doubt it. His first California cold!!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!


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