Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Horray for Carnival!! DMV Disaster :(

Remember my cruise guest dilema with regard to not being able to dine with our Wedding Group?!? {Read Here} Well guess what.... I received an E-Mail from Carnival today which read like this:

"Dear Guest,

Good News!!! We are pleased to inform you that your requested dining time has been confirmed. We are happy that we could accommodate you, and sincerely appreciate your patience.

We look forward to seeing you on board.

Thanks again,

Carnival Cruise Lines"

It further listed the guest name, booking number, cabin number and confirmed dining time! Yay!! I am very much excited that they were very accommodating! I could not even imagine some of our guests not being able to dine with our group!!!


So, guess what I had the pleasure of doing this lovely morning?!?! See the photo above?!? Well, picture that along with this:

Yes, not a very pretty picture is it?!? But I *had* to renew my vehicle registration!! I figured I would be one of the smart ones who would brave the weather and take advantage of the fact that most people would be CRAZY to go out in weather as bad as this..... boy was I wrong! For some reason, others had the same idiotic idea.

Really, it's raining this terrential down's been raining like this for the last couple of days... despite the fact that it's 10 a.m. and the winds are gusting at 15 miles per hour, there's been lightning flashing and thunder booming, why would anyone expect there to be more than 20 people in line at the DMV?!?

So, the way the DMV here in my town works is you have to stand in line (which forms at the door and continues OUTSIDE) to get a Number. Once you receive your Number, you now have moved up in the world and are honored enough of waiting INSIDE now. Yipee.

The number I received was C-52. As I wound through the maze of people, I found a seat and opened my 8th book for the year. I looked up at the monitor to see what numbers they were on. For the "C's", they had just called C-39. Not bad I thought. This would be maybe 1/2 hour at the most. Once again, boy was I wrong!

About an hour and 10 minutes later, (already thru the third chapter in my book) I hear them call "C-52 to Window #5" I immediately go to the window, give the nice lady my paperwork, she tells me the fee and I hand her my Credit Card. And the WHAMMO....she hit's me with the news that they can't take any credit card payments because their system is off line due to the weather.


The nice lady asks me if I have my check book with me and I reply by telling her that I don't. It's at home. She politely tells me that if I want to run home, I could do so and just come back.... no need to wait in the lines.....just come right in and flag her down. She'd be more than happy to help me. So I thought Yay!! Wonderful!! Bless her heart!!


When I return, she is nowhere to be seen! I inquire with one of the other DMV clerks and I'm advised that she's on a short break, but if I want to wait I'm welcomed to.

10 minutes go by..... 15.......20....... finally, I ask another clerk..she in turn goes to speak to a manager.. The clerk returns, hands me a Ticket with a Number on it and tells me that I'll have to wait to be called. Grrrrr!!!! After waiting another 1/2 hour or so I gave up.

So, guess what I'll be doing bright and early in the morning tomorrow?!?

So, while I leave you all for the day, please have a safe one! Happy Wednesday!!


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