Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late night randomness

This is the results of the cake I did yesterday (Saturday). Through the stuffy head, congested chest, hacking lungs and as previously mentioned, about a gazillion frogs in my throat, I was able to push through it and complete this cake! I did illicit the help of one of my former students who was so kind enough to make the Royal Icing Roses. What a tremendous help that was!

One of the things that was difficult with this cake is the fact that the bride changed her mind last week and decided that she'd prefer to have whipped topping versus buttercream. In my contract, it clearly states that changes cannot be made within two weeks of the event. In this particular case, she advised that there were a number of her family members who are diabetic and the buttercream is out of the question for them. So, I agreed to allow the change. The only problem with whipped topping is the fact that you can't do as many techniques and/or decorations as you would be able to with buttercream, along with the fact that the whipped topping needs to be kept refrigerated until approximately an hour before serving (unless it's in the dead heat of summer ~ then you'd have to keep it refrigerated period!) The original decorations for this cake had to be scaled down quite a bit to accommodate the fact that the bride changed her choice of icing. Also, if you look carefully, you'll notice that the cake topper is sitting on the table verses the cake ~ reason being is that it was HEAVY. In fact, it wasn't a cake topper at all ~ it was more like a paper weight or something of the sort, and there was no way it would have set on the cake. It would have sunk through all of the whipped topping!!! Nonetheless, I think it came out beautifully, all things considered! :)

How about those Vikings?!?

You all know how much of a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler's fan I am right?!? However, since their hopes of defending their SuperBowl Championship was shattered last week, I am rooting for the Vikings!!! I have to support Brian's team since he was so very supportive of my Steeler's last year and stuck with me through this devastating year as well. :) I'm wondering if the Vikings can hold off against the Saints next Sunday?!? I'm hoping so, and if it happens, they'll be SUPERBOWL BOUND!!!

How wonderful would that be to have the Vikings win this year right after my Steelers! Back to back wins for this household!! :)


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