Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's talk Clearance Shopping!!!

We all know how much I absolutely ♥ Target correct? Well, I absolutely ♥ Target's clearance!

For example ~ take a looksie at the photo above. A screen tent. (It's 'formal' name is a Screen Pavillion) It was regularly priced at $92.99. We noticed that it was marked down at 15% off....then a couple of weeks later it went 30% off....several more weeks later, 50% off ~ $46.49. I kept thinking, hmmmm maybe we should buy it....there's only one left on the shelf! Brian on the other hand said..... "eh...let's see if it goes 75%". So, after a few days, I resigned myself to kiss that screen tent pavillion goodbye! It was too good of a deal for anyone to pass up, should they run into it.

However.....guess what my lovely honey brought home with him from work today?!? You guessed it! The Screen Pavillion! And guess what else?! Are you ready for this?!? It actually went 75% off! Yes siree Bob!! Guess how much it was marked down to?!?


Yes, $23.24! And, don't forget..... Mr. Lovely's Team Member Discount on top of that! Woo Hoo!! Score!!! Let me take a moment here to do a:

♪♫♪ haPpY dAncE ♪♫♪

So, with that being said, can I just tell you that not this past summer, but the summer before, we bought over $300 worth of camping equipment all clearanced at least 50% off, so we actually spent right around $150. However, did we go camping that year? Nope. Did we go camping this past summer?!? Nope. So, this year in between our Wedding Cruise in April, the California Reception in May, the Minnesota Reception in June and two weddings in July (which I'm coordinating), we are definitely getting some camping time in there FOR SURE.

Target + Clearance = Awesomeness!!

Definitely walk the perimeter of the store and you'll be sure to find some great clearance items! Despite the fact that Brian spends over 40 hours a week in his SuperTarget, he doesn't always get the chance to check out everything ~ so it's nice that we can pop into our local Target (which, by the way is located about 2 minutes from our place) and we walk the perimeter of the entire store! The good clearance stuff is usually on end caps, but depending on which department you're in, they sometimes have them in the aisles as well.

Besides Target

I was very fortunate enough to get my Wedding Dress on clearance as well. Everyone knows that David's Bridal almost always has a $99 dress sale. The dresses are usually those that are no longer in production ~ usually 'last seasons' styles.

Well, when Brian and I went looking together (yes, he came with) we found a dress that I was totally in love with - mind you it was after I tried on about 4 other dresses! So after debating on several different dresses, we decided to go with THEE one. The price wasn't too bad either ~ the tag said $799. Pretty reasonable, so my Sales Associate that was helping me said she'd write everything up for me while I was getting dressed. As we were at the counter getting ready to pay for my dress, she says, " this dress is on clearanced for $99."


I was very, very, very excited, but then she says... "Let me put enter the numbers in the computer one more time just to be sure." UGH... can she burst my happy little bubble or what?!? Well, turns out that the dress was indeed on sale for $499, ($300 off) but just that very morning apparently it was supposed to have been clearanced! Yay me! So, in the end, I got THEE dress for a whopping $99.00. S.W.E.E.T.!!!!

So, can I just say that CLEARANCE shopping is the BOMB!

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Happy Friday!!


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