Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interesting Evening!!!

So, the Vikings lost to the Saints. At least they went into OT, so it was a very close game. There was, of course, two very questionable calls at the end of the game which would have made a difference in the outcome, but it is what it is.

It's the Saints vs. the Colts in the SuperBowl. I'm not really a fan of either team to be quite honest, so I really don't care who wins. I have tons friends who are Colts fans, and some who are Saints fans so, may the best team win.

We had a great day at our favorite joint in town, Cool Hand Lukes watching both games today. I made some home made Cinnamon Rolls again and brought them to the restaurant for all to enjoy. Today was Brian's day. It was his team playing so it was all about him. Needless to say, all of our friends were quick to buy Brian rounds of beer. And so despite the fact that Brian doesn't usually drink more than a couple of beers, he tied one on this evening!!! Well, why not?!? His Vikings were playing for a spot in the Super Bowl!!! I am grateful for the fact that #1) this doesn't happen very often; #2) Brian is a FUNNY drunk; #3) we had a great time with friends!!!!!

A Cat named "Mo-Mo"

We have a stray cat that the entire neighborhood adores. He belongs to nobody in particular, yet everyone feeds him and looks out for him. Brian and I have named him "Mo Mo", short for Maury...which is a nick name for Maury. :) Well, since it's been raining the last week, poor Mo Mo has been taking refuge underneath cars to keep dry and out of the elements. Three days ago, Mo Mo curled up into a little ball and plopped his happy little butt at our front door. Brian literally has had to step over him on his way out the door every morning. Well, with the weather being as bad as it is, I made a little shelter for Mo Mo. I took a large Rubber Maid storage conatiner, set it on it's side, put a rug in it along with a few American Airlines blankets in it and placed it outside our front door, to the left. Sure enough, Mo Mo took refuge in there to keep warm. Well, for the last three days, he didn't budge. I really didn't think anything was very odd because I figured that I just happened to check on him at the right times... I never saw him leave or anything...he was always in his little home.

Well tonight, with Brian being a little intoxicated, he decided something is wrong with Mo Mo because he hasn't moved from the shelter I made for three days. Brian wants to keep Mo Mo in the house for the night because it's expected to rain overnight and it's obvious there's something wrong with him. After discussing it for a few minutes I relent and gave permission to have this cat brought into our home. BUT.... the RubberMaid home along with the cat has to stay in the bathroom with the door shut! Ya think that worked?!? Nope.

Intoxicated Brian + Stray Cat =

After approximately 15 minutes later..................

I was able to get Brian in bed and the cat back outside where he belongs! It was difficult convincing Brian that Mo Mo would be fine outside. I even put used an extra blanket to drape over the RubberMaid container to keep it a little warmer for him. He'll be okay. He's a cat. Cat's can survive in nature! :)

Off to bed I go now ~ it was a long day!!!! Hope everyone had a great Sunday!!!

P.S. ~ I finished my 9th book of the year this morning! Woo Hoo!! :)


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