Friday, January 15, 2010

Achy Body + Sore Throat = No Date Day Thursday

Yes, yes, yes......... I now have a full-blown winter cold! After my fun, whirlwind of a mini-vacation last week to Pismo Beach, Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, we returned and Brian got a touch of the flu. He was down for four days. I toughed it out and was very happy that I wasn't feeling the least bit sick at the time.

Wednesday morning he's feeling better and goes into work........what do I do?!? I did a little bit of running around in the early morning taking care of errands, etc. and then I return home and climb right into bed! Yes, I was starting to feel like crapolla. Then it just went down hill from there!

Needless to say, there was no "Date Day" yesterday. :( Every Thursday is our "date day" where we spend together going out for coffee and pastries for breakfast or we'll go have a nice brunch usually at Panera. Then we spend the afternoon taking care of business, shopping, whatever. We end the evening with some friends at a local Mexican Restaurant where we have $1.50 Margaritas! :) ~ (I am so going to get to the point where I drink more than one, believe me!!)

Instead of having such a wonderful time yesterday, I was bed....surrounded by a ton of kleenex and my books. Oh...of course my phone ~ my wonderful Droid HTC! My life saver! My connection to the outside world! My head was stuffy, my body ached, my throat was hurting, my nose was 'leaking', my ears were aching, and I was miserable! Needless to say, I popped a couple of NyQuil liquid capsules before I turned in for the night!

I woke up this morning feeling a little better, however I sound like a man with 50 gazillion frogs in my throat. My body isn't aching as much. My nose isn't quite 'leaking' as profusely as it was yesterday. But my ears still hurt.

Keep in mind..... I have a HUGE wedding cake to do for tomorrow. So, I have to start baking today. I also have to start making the Royal Icing Roses today as well so they'll be dry enough by tomorrow. Oh, did I happen to mention that I feel like crap?!?

So, if you blogosphere buddies out there would be so kind, please send me some health and strength vibes my way! :) I could sure use them today!!! :)

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  1. Sending you ton's of health and strength vibes:) Hopefully you will be feeling better soon!


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