Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook Like You Back

This is a new "Blog Hop" that I recently found on a Blog that I absolutely love. It's Simply Stacie, and you can find her HERE.

I 'linked' my Clever Confections Facebook page to this blog hop hoping to get my Clever Confections business spread throughout the States!

Click on the links below to check out some fun Facebook Pages!!

Happy Hopping!


Welcome to Facebook Like-You-Back hosted by Kelly’s Lucky You, Coupon Mommy of 3, Simply Stacie, Stockpiling Moms and Heavenly Mommy!

Are you looking for new Facebook pages to follow and new friends who like your page? Then join us!

1. Add your Facebook page to the MckLinky (you only have to add it to one and it will appear on all).

2. Click on the Facebook link for the five hostesses and “like” them on Facebook. Leave a comment on their wall and they will like-you-back.

3. Like as many more Facebook pages as you want, leaving comments with links so they’ll know where to like-you-back.

It's almost the New Year!!

This past year has absolutely FLOWN by for me! It seems like it was just yesterday when I posted this post entitled "20 in 2010". In fact, I'm not even sure if I accomplished all of my 'goals'.

Here's that list again, with the highlighted ones that I've accomplished!

1. Read 100 books.
2. Purchase one Christmas gift a month. (So I can have a relaxing December)
3. Shred 6 days out of the week utilizing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.
4. Read the Bible in 90 Days. Thank you to Kallay & Mandi for this idea!
5. Cook and eat healthier.
6. Invite a Guest Blogger at least once a month.
7. Stop deleting my Word of the Day daily emails and actually utilize the word in my daily conversations.
8. Spend more time with my family. (Kiddo's, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins that are here in California & local to me)
9. Attend and get involved with Church.
10. Go back to school & pursue my Bachelors . <-------(I'm 41 years old ~ this should be interesting!)
11. Stop worrying about what other people think about me.
12. Put $20 a month away in a 'pickle jar'. (Just to see if I can be disciplined enough to do it)
13. Pay off my Credit Card debt.
14. Write in my blog once a day.
15. Share one NEW photo a day with my readers.
16. Become more Eco-Friendly & Frugal within my household.
17. Have my children come for dinner at least once a month throughout the year.
18. Expand my Cakes 4 Fun as the year progresses.
19. Get married in April on Catalina Island. (Ha! This one's a given)
20. Learn to conquer my OCD traits I have. (I seriously have this problem with washing my hands about 100 times a day unnecessarily)

So, we see how much I accomplished! Lol! I didn't realize the wedding would be so time consuming, and well, with not one, but TWO 'At-Home Receptions' to deal with, yeah...we were traveling for a while there!!!

I'll have to go into detail when I do my "YEAR 2010 RE-CAP". :D

So, while I relish in a Vikings win from last night, (since you know, the hubs is a Vikings fan and all) I'll start my Hump Day off by doing some much needed laundry while I catch up on some new blogs I've been putting off lately! (Thank you new Followers!!)

Have a great last "Hump-Day" of 2010!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Busy Christmastime

Whew! Christmas is over! It's been a very crazy, weird Christmas for me this year. I don't really know why, but besides the fact that I've been CRAZY BUSY baking wise, this year, the Holidays have been a little "blah" for me. I'm usually organized and gung ho into the Christmas season, but as I said, this year was just alright for me.

Christmas Day was a very quiet but joyful one! My two older kiddo's came down from Sac Town and we had Christmas Dinner here. We usually have Christmas Dinner at our place and I hope it's a tradition we continue for years to come!

Here's a photo of my daughters, with my son's girlfriend in between them.

Ya wanna see my most favorite, ever, ornament I received this year was? Can you just guess?!?

You all know I'm a DIEHARD Steeler's fan and this just made my day!! I also received a Steeler's Shirt from a friend in Kansas. ♥

My baby, Elyssa, and I have had a blast the last week or so while she's been here, just doing a whole lot of nothing, but everything! We can be so silly together where only the two of us can. Fun nights together are memories to last a lifetime! This is us on Christmas Day.

Yes, I'm shorter than my 14 year old. Way shorter. But that's okay. Like I tell her, I'm not short.... I'm just "fun size". :)

We've had fun nights of her doing my make up...and staying up late eating junk food. Fun times.

Taking random silly photos while out and about.

Christmas Eve I had three local pick up orders. ALL Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. Needless to say, because I've been so "blah" during the last couple of weeks, I waited until the last possible minute to do these orders. So, Christmas Eve morning I was baking my little heart out.

My kitchen was smelling like Chocolate Cupcakes infused with a little Guinness Beer. Then making the Chocolate Bailey's Ganache made the room smell even more heavenly!! On to the Bailey's Buttercream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baking was lifting my spirits!

Here's a photo of some Irish Car Bomb Mini Cupcakes (without the Ganache filling).

These were fun to make and from the feedback I received from my clients who ordered these, they were a hit! Yay! I made some extra ones (of course) and boy, let me tell you... I don't really care for Chocolate, let alone sweets, and these were the perfect size for me. Not too much Chocolate and not too sweet. :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas! For those of you traveling, be safe on your journey home! Safe travels to all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's almost 2011!!

With the Holidays looming around the corner and 2011 just about upon us it's been a really crazy busy last couple of months!!

This past weekend, I participated in a small Vendor Fair and had a good time. It wasn't quite as busy as I'd hoped for, but it was fun nonetheless! I *once again* forgot to take good pictures with my camera, so all I have is a few snap shots with my Cell Phone.

I did sell some stuff, and received orders which was my goal, so I'm glad that I participated!!

When we were done for the night, and removing things from the Club House, two kids decided they would come in and be a bunch of punks!! They dumped my leftover Cupcakes all over the floor in the Kitchen.

This is the container the Cake Bites were in and the square pan the Cupcakes were in.

I'm participating in a much bigger Fair this Saturday so I'll be crazy busy the next couple of days replenishing my inventory of Coasters. This is how far I got to this point.

I need to do several more sets, then start on my chocolates!! :) I love making them! Between the Pretzels and Peanut Clusters, I'm starting to like them more than cupcakes!!! :D

On the Agenda for Cupcakes are: Margarita, Irish Car Bomb and also Caramel.


So, I didn't realy do very well with my 100 books in 2010, or my 101 things in 2010, so..... do I try to do it for 2011??? I think so. I'm going to be thinking of realistic goals that I can achieve, places I can realistically visit, and tasks I can realistically complete!

Stay tuned for my lovely list!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What a week!!!! T Minus 18 Days!!

I was consumed with all things baking and candy mking!!!!!! I tell you what!! Unfortunately I was so caught up with everything, I didn't get a chance to take photos of our dessert bar and food table from our party Saturday night!!! Boo!! The Chocolate dipped Rice Krispies were fun to make, and the Cake Bites.....OMG... so much fun and they were a HIT!!! So many compliments!!! I'm going to for sure make them more often and perhaps even put them in my Clever Confections & Gifts Etsy Shoppe!

I suppose I'll have to re-create some of the goodies, be sure to take pictures, then share with you all!!!! BUT... I did remember to take a few pictures of a Baby Shower cake that I did yesterday.

However, before I show you the pictures, let me first tell you guys how insanely agonizing my sleepless nights have been for me!! I've been suffering from bouts of insomnia the last several months, it's pathetic!! There's been nights where I lay awake not being able to sleep, and the next thing I know, it's 4:30 a.m., and my husband is getting up to get ready for work. Really.

Now on to some re-cap!!! We hosted our first annual Holiday Party Saturday night!! It was so much fun!! We did get a lot of last minute cancellations, but it was an awesome turn out nonetheless!! Here are a few snap shots of some of our guests.

For our hot finger foods we served Meatballs in a BBQ Sauce, Smokie Links in a BBQ Sauce, Chicken Wings and Won Tons. I was busy frying up the Won Tons fresh as guests were coming so they'd be nice and hot!! 150 of those babys...all gone in less than an hour!! They too, were a hit!! (Not to mention the fact that my son called dibs on the leftover filling and package of Won Ton wrappers to take home with him.)

We had a White Elephant Gift Exchange and it was so much fun!! There's always a few in the bunch who are so competitive, it's funny!! There were several awesome gifts that got "stolen" the allotted three times almost immediately. They were a Heated Neck Massager; $20 worth of Scratch off Lottery Tickets; a set of Travel Coffee Mugs; and a cute cozy Fleece Blanket!! Other gifts included Gift Baskets of Wine and Chocolates, a Roadside Emergency Kit, A cute Hummingbird Feeder, a Gift Basket of Tastefully Simple products, Chocolate Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit Games, and tons more!! We all had a blast!!

After our fun filled Holiday Party, a few friends gathered back at our place for some wine and chit chat until about 2 a.m. or so. Of course, we *had to* end the night watching some Michael Jackson videos and Brian showing off some of his moves. It's a tradition of sorts.

In fact, I know I've shared this video before, but for those who haven't had the honor of seeing it, here's a video of my wonderful husband, sharing his Michael Jackson dance skills at Mango, Mango in Ensenada, Mexico on our Wedding Cruise.

Isn't he absolutely CRAZY????

Needless to say, it was an exhausting night for me and I actually didn't get to sleep until a little after 4 a.m. again. Only to have to wake up bright and early to start on a Baby Shower Cake! I started baking at 9 a.m. and was out the door with the cake and cupcakes by 1:30 p.m. about pressed for time!!! I wish the photos were bigger but this is all I got!

So, my agenda for the rest of the day today is to do a little damage control in my kitchen, get a few Etsy orders shipped, and then RELAX!!!

After a week of baking for Etsy Orders, 50th Birthdays, a Baby Shower and goodies for our party, I'm pooped!! Another round starts on Friday, so I'm going to take the next few days and get my place decorated for Christmas!!!

Speaking of which..... I've received some CUTE ornaments from friends spread all over the U.S. Here are a few of them!!

OHH!! One last thing! I almost forgot!! You all know I'm a Football Fanatic right?!? And my all time FAVORITE team is the STEELER'S!! Well, how 'bout their HUGE win last night?!?!?!

Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope your start to this week is great!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

22 Days until Christmas!!

I know, I know..... it's been FOREVER since I blogged. But really, it's for great reasons!!

I've been extremely busy with my Etsy Orders. Orders thru my Etsy Store and orders through word of mouth business. Needless to say, I've been baking my little heart out as well as making candies and shipping. CRAZY busy I tell you!!

This weekend is going to be just as busy! Brian and I are hosting our first annual Holiday Party tomorrow night. Finger foods, and a dessert bar! Our desserts will include:

Caramel filled cupcakes with Caramel Buttercreme

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Also on the Dessert menu is:

* Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Rice Krispies
* White Chocolate coverd Cake Bites
* Peanut Clusters
* Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes
* Better than Sex Cake
* Pumpkin Roll

I will be sure to post pictures of everything after tomorrow night!

I also have 2 cakes for a 50th Birthday Party that's being picked up Saturday afternoon!! AND.... I have a tiered Baby Shower Cake with 24 cupcakes to do for Sunday afternoon.

What else is new?? Pretty much that's it. I've been keeping busy and am enjoying it! I'm more excited of the fact that IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Woot woot!!

Well, back to baking!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Wow!! Life has really consumed my days, and I've been really distracted the last couple of weeks which has led me to neglect my blogs. :(

But HERE I AM!!!

What has gone on and what have I done these past 6 to 8 weeks???? Well, the major event in my life was our trip to Hawaii. It wasn't the greatest of circumstances of reason for our otherwise awesome trip but we made the best of it!!! My grandfather passed away early October and we flew tothe islands for the services. It was thouroughly bittersweet! Brian got to meet my father and my brother for the very first time!! I got to reunite with so many family members that I hadn't seen for YEARS!!!! Some I hadn't ever met before!

It was Brian's first trip to Hawaii and we got to take him sightseeing a couple of days while we were there even though doing the touristy thing wasn't on our agenda this trip. (We've been planning a trip to Hawaii for April of 2011).

Here's few pictures of our trip.... Me with a Life Guard at Magic Island :)

The next couple of photos are family photos taken at my Grandfather's services..

Me, my younger sister Alicia, our dad, my oldest sister Kim, step-sister Jalynn and our bother Wayne.

Me, Alicia, Kim and Wayne


The "Cabo's"

I've also been busy with wedding cakes, Etsy Orders (an unusual amount of orders!!) and trying to catch up with life in general!!

The Holidays are upon us and that means I'm going to even that much more busy! Brian and I are hosting our firdt annual Gile Holiday Party! This year it's going to be on a Saturday, December 4th. 9 days after Thanksgiving....3 weeks before Christmas. So, I've got that to get put together!!

The day after our Holiday Party, I have the honor of making a Baby Shower cake for an awesome couple!!! It's a Jungle theme and the mom wants a Mod Monkey cake. So this should be fun!!!

I'm also participating in a "Vendor Blender" on December 12th so I have to prepre for that as well!! This is an event where vendors come together and display their products.. We'll offer products to purchase right there on the spot or customers can place orders as well.'s going to be a busy, busy life for me fo the duration of the year!! :)

I'll be sure to blog more often and share more photos!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

My newest addition......

To My Etsy Shop!!

Be sure to visit Clever Confections & Gifts for the upcoming Holidays!!

Our newest listing is CERAMIC COASTERS!

These are our Pink Damask Coasters

These are our Pink Butterflies & Flowers Set

And we have the Black Damask

We also do custom personalized Photo Coasters as well