Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Wow!! Life has really consumed my days, and I've been really distracted the last couple of weeks which has led me to neglect my blogs. :(

But HERE I AM!!!

What has gone on and what have I done these past 6 to 8 weeks???? Well, the major event in my life was our trip to Hawaii. It wasn't the greatest of circumstances of reason for our otherwise awesome trip but we made the best of it!!! My grandfather passed away early October and we flew tothe islands for the services. It was thouroughly bittersweet! Brian got to meet my father and my brother for the very first time!! I got to reunite with so many family members that I hadn't seen for YEARS!!!! Some I hadn't ever met before!

It was Brian's first trip to Hawaii and we got to take him sightseeing a couple of days while we were there even though doing the touristy thing wasn't on our agenda this trip. (We've been planning a trip to Hawaii for April of 2011).

Here's few pictures of our trip.... Me with a Life Guard at Magic Island :)

The next couple of photos are family photos taken at my Grandfather's services..

Me, my younger sister Alicia, our dad, my oldest sister Kim, step-sister Jalynn and our bother Wayne.

Me, Alicia, Kim and Wayne


The "Cabo's"

I've also been busy with wedding cakes, Etsy Orders (an unusual amount of orders!!) and trying to catch up with life in general!!

The Holidays are upon us and that means I'm going to even that much more busy! Brian and I are hosting our firdt annual Gile Holiday Party! This year it's going to be on a Saturday, December 4th. 9 days after Thanksgiving....3 weeks before Christmas. So, I've got that to get put together!!

The day after our Holiday Party, I have the honor of making a Baby Shower cake for an awesome couple!!! It's a Jungle theme and the mom wants a Mod Monkey cake. So this should be fun!!!

I'm also participating in a "Vendor Blender" on December 12th so I have to prepre for that as well!! This is an event where vendors come together and display their products.. We'll offer products to purchase right there on the spot or customers can place orders as well.'s going to be a busy, busy life for me fo the duration of the year!! :)

I'll be sure to blog more often and share more photos!!



  1. Welcome back lovely lady! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather but I'm happy to see you're doing well otherwise! oxxox

  2. HI! I missed you!!! I'm glad you are back to blogging - and congrats on the success of your etsy shop!


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