Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy Busy Christmastime

Whew! Christmas is over! It's been a very crazy, weird Christmas for me this year. I don't really know why, but besides the fact that I've been CRAZY BUSY baking wise, this year, the Holidays have been a little "blah" for me. I'm usually organized and gung ho into the Christmas season, but as I said, this year was just alright for me.

Christmas Day was a very quiet but joyful one! My two older kiddo's came down from Sac Town and we had Christmas Dinner here. We usually have Christmas Dinner at our place and I hope it's a tradition we continue for years to come!

Here's a photo of my daughters, with my son's girlfriend in between them.

Ya wanna see my most favorite, ever, ornament I received this year was? Can you just guess?!?

You all know I'm a DIEHARD Steeler's fan and this just made my day!! I also received a Steeler's Shirt from a friend in Kansas. ♥

My baby, Elyssa, and I have had a blast the last week or so while she's been here, just doing a whole lot of nothing, but everything! We can be so silly together where only the two of us can. Fun nights together are memories to last a lifetime! This is us on Christmas Day.

Yes, I'm shorter than my 14 year old. Way shorter. But that's okay. Like I tell her, I'm not short.... I'm just "fun size". :)

We've had fun nights of her doing my make up...and staying up late eating junk food. Fun times.

Taking random silly photos while out and about.

Christmas Eve I had three local pick up orders. ALL Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. Needless to say, because I've been so "blah" during the last couple of weeks, I waited until the last possible minute to do these orders. So, Christmas Eve morning I was baking my little heart out.

My kitchen was smelling like Chocolate Cupcakes infused with a little Guinness Beer. Then making the Chocolate Bailey's Ganache made the room smell even more heavenly!! On to the Bailey's Buttercream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baking was lifting my spirits!

Here's a photo of some Irish Car Bomb Mini Cupcakes (without the Ganache filling).

These were fun to make and from the feedback I received from my clients who ordered these, they were a hit! Yay! I made some extra ones (of course) and boy, let me tell you... I don't really care for Chocolate, let alone sweets, and these were the perfect size for me. Not too much Chocolate and not too sweet. :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas! For those of you traveling, be safe on your journey home! Safe travels to all!


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