Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's almost 2011!!

With the Holidays looming around the corner and 2011 just about upon us it's been a really crazy busy last couple of months!!

This past weekend, I participated in a small Vendor Fair and had a good time. It wasn't quite as busy as I'd hoped for, but it was fun nonetheless! I *once again* forgot to take good pictures with my camera, so all I have is a few snap shots with my Cell Phone.

I did sell some stuff, and received orders which was my goal, so I'm glad that I participated!!

When we were done for the night, and removing things from the Club House, two kids decided they would come in and be a bunch of punks!! They dumped my leftover Cupcakes all over the floor in the Kitchen.

This is the container the Cake Bites were in and the square pan the Cupcakes were in.

I'm participating in a much bigger Fair this Saturday so I'll be crazy busy the next couple of days replenishing my inventory of Coasters. This is how far I got to this point.

I need to do several more sets, then start on my chocolates!! :) I love making them! Between the Pretzels and Peanut Clusters, I'm starting to like them more than cupcakes!!! :D

On the Agenda for Cupcakes are: Margarita, Irish Car Bomb and also Caramel.


So, I didn't realy do very well with my 100 books in 2010, or my 101 things in 2010, so..... do I try to do it for 2011??? I think so. I'm going to be thinking of realistic goals that I can achieve, places I can realistically visit, and tasks I can realistically complete!

Stay tuned for my lovely list!!!!!


  1. Hi Michele,

    I'm following from FMBT. That Margarita cupcake looks absoltutely delicious! Good luck on your upcoming shows...Oh, and yes, it you didn't achieve all your goals this year, I say try again in 2011! ;) Have a great holiday!

  2. Love your cuppies =D

    It's tueasday and I'm following you on GFC.
    Would love for you to visit my site and follow me back =D


  3. Your chocolates look yummy! I just started doing my own on etsy.
    Following you from the blog hop. I'd love for you to add your blog to my free directory. Have a Merry Christmas!:)


  4. Happy holidays, Shelli! I’ve been following your neat blog from Follow Me Back Tuesday. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. Stop by!


  5. Your newest follower here from FMBT please follow me back here@ Step It Up!

    Thanks :)

  6. How dare they do that to those darling cupcakes! My heart goes out to the poor fellas. LOL. Looks incredible! I think you should send me a margarita one!! YUM!

    Love, Meg


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