Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Road Trip!!

I am so very excited to be leaving this afternoon on a much needed mini-vacation! Eventhough it's just an overnight trip, it's going to be packed full of fun and excitement! The whole reason for this trip is for me to get my Birth Certificate in Los Angeles.

A daughter of a very close family friend of ours happens to be on Winter break from U.C. Merced also had plans to spend a week in Los Angeles visiting college roommates and friends. She's coming along for the ride down and I'm very excited!!! Brian is in for a treat ~ confined with two women in a vehicle for 4 hours ~ before we visit the beautiful Cities of Pismo Beach:

And San Luis Obispo:

Early Thursday morning, Brian is once again stuck with Amanda and I for another 4 hours as we head into the City of Los Angeles! Woo Hoo!

I'm hoping to take a ton of pictures (if I remember) so I can share with you all our adventures! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm exicted because I'll be able to spend time with a family member! As a matter of fact, I was recently introduced to my cousin a couple of months ago. We are close in age, but didn't grow up close together. I'm excited that we've had the opportunity to meet and since we live only about 4 hours away from each other we can definitely make plans to do things together more!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday my bloggesphere friends and I'll be back here Friday!


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