Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yay for Date Day!!

Thursdays are generally Brian and I's date day. We usually start the day off by having late breakfast/early lunch at Panera Bread where he has his usual bagels and I have a salad/sandwich combo. :) We run fun errands throughout the early afternoon then spend some quiet time at home before meeting up with friends for "Happy Hour". Who can pass up $1.50 Margaritas??? You would think one could consume an awful lot of Margaritas huh?!? Well, let me tell you.... it must be the age thing because I'd be lucky to finish just ONE Margarita alone! For me, they are VERY strong. We've gotten to know the bartender/bar manager really well and he jokes with me every.single.time. that I'm such a lush! Ha! We have a bet going on that before the year 2009 ends, I'll work my way up to TWO margaritas! He's of the mind that I won't do it. And darn it, I've been trying SOOO SUPER HARD to get past that 1st one. Lol! Especially now that my SuperBowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers are no longer in the running for a repeat this year, you'd think I'd consume at least 5 Margaritas and drown my sorrows. Nope. Can't do it. Trust me, it's not for lack of trying either!!!

With it being Christmas season and all, I think today we're going to mix it up a bit!! We've got Christmas Shopping to tackle!! AND.... you'd never guess what else!!! I am getting my hair cut!!! GET OUT! Why such a big deal you ask?!? Well, simple. Brian's 'motto' : "On the beach, barefoot in the sand with a flower in your hair" Here's the best, most recent picture where you can see the length of my hair....mind you, these Engagement Pics were taken back in early September so it's grown about another inch or so since then ~ I have long, straight hair!!

This is the inspirational photo that best represents how I would like to have my hair done for the ceremony:

And this is how I am getting my hair cut today, however, I am going to ask her to leave the length as it is now, just add some layers to it.

So yes. I'm thoroughly excited for our date day today!!! I'll be sure to post a photo of the new "do". :)

Have an awesome Thursday and be safe!!!!

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  1. That must be so much fun to have regular dates with your husband. My husband and I have to pretty much plan way ahead of time as we have our 5 little munchkins too, so it's not always easy to find babysitting. Someday though, I would love to go on regular dates with my hubby again. Following you from MBC.


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