Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Saturday!!!

What an exciting day ahead for me today!! I am leaving bright and early to head up North to pick up my 13-year-old daughter from her dads! It's just about a two hour drive one way; he's supposed to meet me half way however the excuse this time is "I'm having car trouble and don't think I want to chance it." Ahem...uh... WHATEVER. On the way home, we're going to stop in Sacramento and meet my 19-year-old (soon to be 20 in about 3 weeks..yikes!) for lunch!! She just got done with Finals and she had worked very hard this semester!!!  I'm hoping to catch my 22-year-old son as well, have him join us and make it one big happy family lunch!!!!  So all in all it's going to be a WONDERFUL day!

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday...and if you're out shopping for some last minute Christmas gifts, please be safe out there!

Again, don't forget about my wonderful GiveAway that ends on Tuesday!!! It's great to have if you're a seasoned baker, or just like to bake in general! The Dip prize is an awesome gift as well!!! For more detailed information, please be sure to check it out here:  and good luck!


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