Sunday, December 20, 2009

Football Sunday ~ My Favorite Restaurant Shout Out

If you all didn't know this about me already, I am a HUGE Football Fan! You can call me crazy, but I absolutely love it! I am diehard PITTSBURGH STEELER'S FAN and proud of it!!!

Granted, they didn't do so well this season and their hope to defend their SUPERBOWL CHAMPION status has been shot, they are still MY team! There isn't any other Football Team out there today who can say they've won 6 Super Bowls! And there probably won't be for quite some time!

Usually during the months of September thru January, you could find me at "The Coolest Joint in Town" ~ Cool Hand Lukes on Sundays with a group of friends who are also Football Fans! They actually open at 10 a.m. ~ just in time for opening kick-off for the morning games on Sundays. They have 4 big screen televisions throughout the lounge and have all 4 televised games on at the same time! During the Football Season, CHL offers an awesome Football Special on Sundays and Mondays. The Appetizer Specials are awesome!

We have a variety of fans ranging from 49'ers, Packers, Giants, Raiders, and Vikings!! It gets a little loud and boisterous when our teams are playing against each other! Through all the bantering back and forth, we all know in the end it's just fun and games! We thoroughly enjoy the day together watching Football and the guys take advantage of the great Drink specials (how anyone can drink an alcoholic beverage at 10 a.m. is beyond me!!!) You all know me...I'll be lucky if I can finish ONE drink!! AND, if I decide to drink something alcoholic, I make sure it's after noon before I do!!! :)

The biggest rival of course is between me and the Fiance! Steelers versus the Vikings! On Sunday, October 25th, our teams met in Pittsburgh. Head to Head! When all was said and done, which team prevailed?!? THE STEELERS!!! Whoo Hoo!! Ah.....I love it!!! We know which Football Team's parahanelia is going to be decorating the walls of our home!!! :)


Some of my readers have emailed me and asked me how my wedding plans are coming along. I thought I'd reply to those inquiries here. As far as wedding plans, I have been in an ultimate FUNK. There, I said it. I haven't done anything wedding related to my own wedding in the last couple of months. Seriously! I've been working feverishly on clients' weddings, but nothing on mine. I don't know what it is, but I've been in this rut that I can't seem to get out of and quite honestly speaking.....I have 122 days from today before I'm on the beach on Catalina Island marrying my best friend!!! (More on that issue coming tomorrow in my daily Monday posts.)

The last DIY project that I half completed is these Palm Fans. I wrapped the handles in ribbon ~ using our wedding colors. My intentions are to finish these off by putting something at the base of the fan (top of the handle) area, but I'm not quite sure yet what it is I'm going to put there. I was thinking maybe a flower...maybe our monogram...not sure yet. I've been looking and searching for some inspirational photos, but nothing has jumped out at me that caught my eye. So....this project has been set off to the side for the time being!

These are my two newest addtions to my Apothecary Jar collection for the Candy Buffet I am going to have at both of my AHR's (At Home Reception). This brings my personal collection of Apothecary Jars to 4 now. If some of you remember, my goal was to buy one a month beginning in October utilizing the 40% off coupons Michaels offers and by the time April rolls around I'd have at least 6 of them. The rate I'm going, I'll have more than 6! Yipee!! I do have 6 of them that I use for my Event Planning business ~ I rent them out as a set for Candy Buffets to my clients. I decided that I could just add my personal set to the exisiting business set once I'm done with our AHR's!

If you're at all interested, here's the link to my Planning Bio. Feel free to check it out! I can't guarantee that its totally updated 100% but for the most part, it's accurate! :) I tend to fall behind in that department!


It's 6 days away and I've yet to complete my Christmas Shopping! I know, I know...procrastinator huh? For those of you who know me, this is totally uncharacteristic of me! I'm a planner....I'm detail oriented....I have lists....but this Holiday Season has thrown me for a loop! I can't believe that we just put up our Christmas Tree earlier this week. And the only reason for that was because we had a dinner party on Wednesday evening! I had to be 'festive' for the guests! I think my daughter and I will have no problems whatsoever going out tomorrow and do a little shopping....and a little pampering! :)


Don't forget about my GiveAway which you can read about here! Be sure to enter because the GiveAway ends on Tueday the 22nd at midnight PST! Good luck!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Go Steelers!!!!!


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