Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament

I'm participating in several Ornament Exchanges with gals I've met who are getting married either in April 2010, or who are having a Destination Wedding! I'm also participating in a gift exchange with a group of gals whom I met on-line in a "secret" forum. :) I received an ornament in the mail today, but don't know who it's from!!! I absolutely love it and if it's you that sent it to me, please let me know so I can thank you PERSONALLY! :)

I also received another ornament from an April 2010 bride to be and I love it too! I don't have a picture of it right now, but once I get it, I'll definitely post it here on this blog! :) It's an Angel and it says "Michele ~ a Knottie Angel" I love it!!!

The next three pictures of a little girl who celebrated her 2nd birthday this past weekend! I made her cake again this year ~ and I enjoy doing it!!! Her parents are great friends of Brian and I and we get together at least once a month at either our place or theirs. Elise is a very cute little girl!

Here she is blowing out her candles! Too Cute!!

In this photo, I was just trying to get her to smile at me so I can take one picture!!!!

This last photo, below, is sooo adorable!! I love this picture of her. Her face is soooo innocent looking as she is amazed by the candles!!
It was a pretty busy weekend and I'm glad it's over!! I now will be indulging in trying to get birthday presents/cards bought, along with Christmas gifts bought and sent off as well.
This year, Brian and I decided we would not buy for each other. With the wedding coming up this next year, we are going to concentrate on the kids and grandchildren instead of each other. I guess maybe we'll just concentrate on Stocking Stuffers for ourselves this year.
Hey.....good things come in small packages huh?!?


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