Saturday, December 12, 2009

T - Minus 130

Hi Blogger World!! Please visit me at my new Blog Site!!!

I love Saturdays!! Although come Holiday Time, it's a little lonely on my Saturdays! Brian has to work every Saturday usually starting the beginning of November right through the new year. Boo!! Beginning in January, I have three of the four Saturdays for the month booked with Wedding Cakes so I'm glad I'll have my helper available!! ha!

I have to say.... please bear with me and this new Blog. I'm trying to 'spruce' it up a bit and seem to be having problems with my Google Friends Connect Button. For some reason, my HTML code is not working, but fear not... I will figure it out!!! It'll make it a lot easier for those who have Blogger to follow me (which is the majority of the bloggers out there in the blogging world)!!

Today my agenda is to get some wedding related tasks out of the way!! I know I say that now, but I'm hoping that I get at least two things WR crossed off my list. We'll see though ~ it's such a gloomy, wet and rainy day here that I would much rather just curl up in bed and read a book!! However, with 130 days left until the big day, I'm thinking I should get my behind in gear!!! And soon!!

As pictured above... these are our Invites we're going to use for both AHR's (At Home Reception). Despite the fact that the California Reception is about 5 months out and the Minnesota Reception is 6 months out, (so we'll say 3 months and 4 months out due to RSVP dates) I still have to print approximately 100 - 125 sets for each that's a total of about 250 sets. 250 times 3 Boarding Passes per invites totals 750. 750 Boarding Passes to print, individually cut out and round the corners. 750 That is a huge amount!!! So, I suppose if I work on a few each week I'll be able to get them done and out at least two months prior to the event date so as to allow everyone to receive them and RSVP approximately 3 weeks ahead of time. I think 3 weeks prior to the event is a good RSVP date right?!?

Here's a list of Wedding Related items that I need to accomplish in the next week:

* Finalize Ceremony Wording
* Choose & Order Bridal party flowers (VERY IMPORTANT)
* Choose Ceremony Music
* Work on both California Reception Menu & Minnesota Reception Menu
* Get both Wedding & TTD Dress altered :)

Yes, that is just a smidgen of what I have to get done at some point this week. I can honestly say that I may very well get some of those things crossed off my list. I only have to bake two days this week so I'll be able to tackle some of my DIY projects I still have left as well. Here's a list of those:

* Cruise Cabin Door Hangers
* Welcome Letter / Brochure
* Tags for Welcome Bags
* Tags and/or Labels for Goodies/Snack bags

And I know for a fact that I have about 124 other things that I can add to that list!! Not wedding related, I HAVE TO get our Holiday Letter mailed out! :) Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute huh?!?!?

Well, hope you all have a WONDERFUL and safe Saturday!!! :)


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