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All Things Wedding Guide ~ Issue #2 ~ Reception

This issue of All Things Wedding Guide is dedicated to the Reception ~ Table Names to be exact!

One of the latest phases in All Things Reception Related, brides have been stepping out of the box when it comes to their reception, including the color theme, floral theme, centerpieces and various other aspects. Nowadays, with receptions where there are a large number of guests, many brides and grooms opt to 'name' their tables to help their guests find their seats. While most couples choose to use numbers to name their tables, some choose to do something different and/or unique which show cases their individuality.

If this is the route you're going to go, you should definitely choose a topic and/or theme that fits your personality and can be anything that you like. For instance, if you love your job, choose names that are job related; other options may be to focus on a specific themes, something that relates to your wedding reception, something related to your heritage, something related to your honeymoon, or even things both you and your fiancé love.

Here are a some examples taken from an article I saved from several months ago: (unfortunately, I didn't save the source name)

Name Your Tables After Your Occupation

•If you’re a teacher, name your tables after school subjects or other school related names such as: Mathematics, Report Card, English, History, Recess, Teacher’s Lounge, Cafeteria, Gym, Home Economics, Spanish, and so forth.

•If your husband is a minister of some kind, name your tables after books of the Bible.

•If one of you is a doctor, use names like stethoscope, tongue depressor, nurse, cotton swabs, and so forth.

•If you work with computers, use names like keyboard, mouse, motherboard, monitor, video card, memory, etc.

Name Your Tables After a Hobby

•If you’re a shopaholic then name the tables after your favorite stores.

•If you both love basketball, or some other sport, name your wedding reception tables after your favorite players or teams

•If you love rock climbing, name the tables after places you’ve climbed, or climbing gear

•If you love the outdoors, name your tables after different species of trees or flowers (using seed packet wedding favors for these kinds of tables is very popular)

Name Your Tables for Your Reception

•If you are having a wedding reception with a theme, use something that goes along with that theme, such as the following:

◦For a Western Theme, use terms like Cowboy, Cowgirl, Lasso, Saddle, Horseshoes, Corral, Saloon, Outlaw, etc.

◦In a Beach Theme wedding, use names like Starfish, Sand Dollars, Sea Horses, and more.

◦A Dessert Reception can be easily done by naming your tables after your favorite candies or kinds of candies.

•If your wedding ceremony or reception are outdoors, you can also name your tables after different kinds of trees and flowers, as listed in the previous category.

•If you are having a reception with a theme, check out my other article on Themed Table Centerpieces for great ideas on making a great centerpiece for your tables.

Name Your Tables After Your Honeymoon

•If you’re taking a Caribbean cruise, name your tables after different tropical islands.

•A Hawaiian Honeymoon can also be named after the different islands, as well as other things native to Hawaii.

•A European Honeymoon can bring you tables named after the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Parliament, Stonehenge, Venice, and much more.

In keeping with the traditional table numbers, there are a variety of ways you can make yours 'different'!

  • Wine Bottles

  • Picture frames

  • Sand Dollars

  • Candles

  • Ornaments

Here's some photos of different ideas from former brides:

While there are endless possibilities with this specific topic, when choosing a theme, be sure you choose something that showcases you and your fiancé, together with what you love.

Here's a website that is an awesome resource if you're looking for theme specific choices! It's called Documents & Designs. They have tips and ideas on a number of different topics, but all Wedding Related!

What are we doing for our wedding might you ask?!? Well, first of all, we're having not one, but two AHR's (At Home Receptions). One in California and 3 weeks later, one in Minnesota. They're both going to be casual affairs so I don't think we're going to have seating charts therefore no table names! :) Whew! Less to have to worry about!


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