Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Whew!!! Am I ever so glad that this week is over!!! Football season makes my weeks very long!! For most of you that know me, I am a TOTAL football fanatic!!! Yes, I am a DIE HARD Steeler fan!! And yes, they didn't make it to the play offs this year. Boo!! But I am faithful and will still root them on for the rest of the season!!

During Football Season, we spend the majority of our time at our local Cool Hand Lukes! There's a wonderful group of people that meet every.single. Sunday at 10 a.m.! We're also there on Mondays if there's a "good" game on, or if any of our teams are playing, and on Thursdays....well, we go to a different establishment for the Thursday night games! Who can beat $1.50 Margaritas???? So, needless to say, the past 14 weeks have been consumed with good 'ole Football! :)

Also, with Christmas right around the corner, it's been a little hectic as well. We've had a couple of birthdays thrown in the mix there as well, and Mr. Brian doesn't necessarily like going shopping unless he knows for sure what it is he needs. He's one of those who goes in, gets what he needs, and then is out of there. No browsing around, nothing. UNLESS we're at Target. We'll 'walk the perimeter' to check out what they got on clearance. And boy do we come out with some awesome bargains!!

For instance, last year, we found Cannon Printers that prints, scans, prints pictures from your memory card and doesn't even need to be hooked up to a computer whatsoever! They were originally $100 something and we got them for $24. We bought three of them! :) We also found Portable DVD players ~ 8 inch screens, for $30. I think we bought two of them. We figured we could use them as birthday gifts through out the year! OH.... we also bought over $300 worth of camping equipment for under $150, so that was a savings of just about 50%! We got two sleeping bags (the good ones), a camping stove, lanterns, and other 'necessities'. We didn't have the opportunity to go camping this year, but we will definitely make use of it this coming year for sure!!!

Wednesday evening we had few friends over for dinner. It was wonderful! I made Spinach Dip, Deviled Eggs, Stuffed Mushrooms; Brian BBQ Rib Eye Steaks and Potatos on the grill; and I put a Salmon Filet on the George Foreman Grill. Yummy!! For dessert we had Graham Cracker Cream Pie. Soooo delicious! :)

On the agenda for today is: Baking brownies & cookies, making more Tiger Butter, and making a wonderful dinner for two! :) Chicken Fried Steak and whatever I can come up with!!


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