Monday, December 14, 2009

Seventeen ~ 128

Seventeen Mondays remaining until the Wedding Cruise. ~ 128 days until THE day. There are days like this when I wake up thinking OMG, "how in the world is everything going to get done in time". We decided on a Cruise because we felt it would be less stressful and way easier to "coordinate". We originally thought that we'd have MAYBE 10 others joining us; however, as of today, we have 16 Cabins booked ~ 32 people!!! Yikes! I love it!!! We also have approximately 6 more individuals who have every intention on joining us but have to wait until after the Holidays to book their cabins, which is totally understandable!!

We have yet to get our Message in a Bottle Invitations out to all of our "local" guests! We've had these for months now and though most of them have booked, we still have some whom we have given Save the Dates to and we need to follow up with the Invite! Here's a peek at what the MIB's came out like:

I think for me, DIY'ing the ceremony isn't as hard as I anticipated, however having two receptions in two different states is the tricky part!!! I want to do a Candy Buffet at both of the receptions, and have the Apothecary Jars and Bowls that I need, but my delima is do I ship them to Minnesota after the California reception? Or do I pack them up and fly it with me? Or do I just spend the $$ and buy them when I get there? (Which by the way would be way expensive to do).

Here are a couple of "inspirational" photos of my vision! :)

On non-wedding related issues, I'm very pleased to share that I met with another client (Bride to Be) and have contracted with her to do her wedding cake! Although it's not a big, fancy cake, it's another client on the books nonetheless! I seem to be getting more and more clients as the fall season ends and I'm hoping to get more right after the Holidays. I mean, don't people get engaged during Christmas?!? And if not then, then Valentine's Day?!?

I remember two years ago, I was booked solid for the months of May, June, and July with Weddings, Quincenera's, Confirmations & Baptisms!!! Of course, there were a few Birthdays thrown in there as well! I am hoping to be just as busy this coming year ~ but with the wedding in April, receptions in May and June, I don't see being quite as booked!! :) All for good reasons!!

Today hopefully I'll be getting our Holiday Letters mailed out, along with a Birthday Package to one of Brian's grandsons; lots of laundry to catch up on and then doing a little shopping. :)

Hope you all have an AMAZING Monday! :)


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    I love DIY Projects. I'm guilty of not always doing it but, I do enjoy learning how to. Kudos to you on getting all your plans accomplished.

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