Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All new "All Things Wedding Guide"

I am pleased to share with all of my readers that beginning tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be debuting my All things Wedding Guide! This will be a new feature for my Blog as I've had a couple of requests from readers and fellow DW Brides for certain information with regard to wedding planning.

My All things Wedding Guide will feature different aspects and/or topics which are all wedding related. I will compile information on that specific topic and share them here with my readers!! Please feel free to leave any comments regarding any future topics you'd like me to feature!!

With each Topic in the Wedding Guide, I will be offering a "GiveAway". However, please note that I do my give aways a little differently than most other bloggers. So, please be sure to read the Give Away rules for that specific topic!!!!

Let me share with you a little sneak peek at what I'll be offering as my first GiveAway:


  1. What a cute blog! Yum! Following you from MBC...


  2. The wedding cakes are so completely fabulous!!! I can't believe them! Following from MBC!

  3. LOVE the Destinations cake..beautiful!

    Visiting from MBC! I'm a new follower :)


  4. I love the sand castle cake! It is pleasing to the eyes and also looks yummy.


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