Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Ever Blog Award!!!

I meet so many different people every.single.day through the different online communities I am a part of and I am grateful for every.single.friendship that I make! It's through the Destination Wedding community on The Knot that I met fellow bride-to-be and blogger Salt from Salt Says. I am honored and grateful that she sent me my first ever Blog Award! Woo Hoo! I am now a "Kick Ass Blogger".

As with many other Awards, I have the privilege to pass this gracious award on to five (5) other favorite blogs of mine! Let's pass this puppy on to the following;

These first three are blogs that share ideas and/or offers reviews and insight on products and craft projects.

Kim @ Mom Tried It * Jaye @ Eco Friendly & Frugal * Deanna @ Just Deanna

These second two are blogs that invite us, as readers, into their every day life ~ they share their joys, excitments, accomplishments, frustrations and sometimes most intimate struggles, trials and tribulations they're going through on a daily basis.

Ashley @ Nolan's Story * Vivanne @ Vivanne's Vista


Do you guys know what tomorrow brings?!? Tomorrow is the release of Issue #2 of my All Things Wedding Guide! Yipee! Which means I will have another GiveAway!! Be sure look for it and please let me know what you think!! And if you have suggestions for future feature topics, please feel free to share those with me!

I'll leave you all with another reminder that the GiveAway from my Debut Issue ends this evening at Midnight (PST). So if you haven't yet, you still have time to check it out!! Here's the link for you: Minnesota meets California ~ GiveAway

Yay for Blog Awards!! Yay for GiveAways!! And Yay for 4 more days until Christmas!!


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