Monday, December 21, 2009


Sixteen Mondays. ~ For those of you new readers out there who haven't been following me very long, let me share a little tid bit about myself! I am engaged and will be getting married in April of 2010. "Sixteen" signifies that there is 16 Mondays left before our Wedding Cruise!! I've been counting down the Mondays for awhile now to help me put in perspective just how much planning time I have. And boy can I tell you, it scares me to think that I'm actually down to 4 months! Wow!

I've been in such a Wedding Rut for the past month or two, and I think just knowing that my time is getting shorter and shorter as each day passes, I need to dig down deep inside and find my MOTIVATION!!! It will come ~ trust me ~ it will come!!!

Christmastime Pretties

With Christmas already here, it's nice to see all the decorated homes throughout the neighborhoods! In the City of Ceres here in the Central Valley of California there's a hoppin' spot during the Holiday Season called "Christmas Tree Lane". It's a neighborhood where everyone decorates their homes with tons of lights and giant Santa's or Snowmen, or anything Christmas related. Last night we took a drive thru Christmas Tree Lane and it was beautiful!! I wasn't able to capture many photos as #1) I was the driver and #2) I didn't think to take any pictures until half way thru the fun!!! Nonetheless, here are a few photos I was able to shoot, making sure not to hit any pedestrians and/or the car in front of me! :)

I also forgot to mention here that I didn't realize that the pictures would look so much better had I turned off the flash on the camera! Hey...I'm not a professional photographer ~ I barely know how to work the darn camera! :)

Yay for Football

Now, on to Fooball!!! Did you guys see the Steelers game yesterday?!? What a comeback! Can you just believe it?!? As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no way that the Steelers can provide all of us with a repeat SuperBowl win this year, however they played with such determination last night that got them the win over the Green Bay Packers! YES! With 3 seconds left in the game, Big Ben pulls it off!! I actually didn't think it was gonna happen, but so excited that it did! Needless to say, I was one happy camper!!!!

My Christmas Wish List!

So, back to the topic of Christmas!! I don't usually ask for anything specifically for Christmas. I'm 41 years old and I've been focusing Christmas on my children and family for the last 22 years of my life! I enjoy giving to others tremendously and don't ever, ever, expect anything in return. It's just not my nature!! This is the first year where I've received some wonderful Ornaments and several other gifts from friends I've met online in different "Communities". I will treasure these forever! (If you want to see some of the wonderful ornaments, you can see the Cupcake Ornaments here, the Personalized Catalina Ornament here, or the awesome Personalized Hanger here!)

This year, I've been wanting a new phone! Don't ask me why, but in the last few weeks, I've been looking and doing research on different phones. Originally, I've always wanted an iPhone! Afterall, I've been told those phones are the "phone of all phones". We go to the Verizon store (because that's who Brian has for his phone and we're thinking on adding me and go with the Family Plan) and browse around.

The first time we go, I see and fall in love with the Blackberry Storm. I play around with it for about 5 minutes and see what all the features they have available are. I ask questions about the pricing...the touch screen....everything I could possibly think of asking.

We decide to wait and see what they have to offer at Target thru their MobileSolutions Kiosk they have in store since Brian would be able to get 10% off of any equipment we purchase, plus an additional 20% off our monthly bill on the primary line. What do I find there?!? A Blackberry Tour ~ Free with upgrade.

We go back to the Verizon store just to see if they have anything new to offer. What do I find there?!? The NEW DROID HTC.

I am now thoroughly confused as to what phone I want. So...... what it all comes down to is this.... I would like a phone that has the capability to access the internet so I can check my email (personal and work), access my WP Blog, text, take pictures and all that good stuff! :) I think I'm allowed to have ONE toy right?!? I have my Kitchen Aid Mixer that I've wanted for years which I received from one of my students years ago. Besides the Kitchen Aid, the only other thing I want is a phone. I think I'm going to splurge and actually buy something for ME this year! I don't think there is anything wrong with that! After all the children and grandchildren are taken care of, I think I will pick up a little something something for little 'ole me! (Ha! I say this now, but I probably won't do it.....I have a wedding coming up in 4 months!!!) But it sounds good to share this with you guys!!

Well guys ~ here's to hoping you have an awesome Monday! As always, don't forget to check out my GiveAway here and enter as many times as you can!!! I'll be picking the winners tomorrow night!! Good luck to you all!!

I'll leave you with some random pictures of friends and family that were taken yesterday during Football Sunday!!


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