Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Wish of a 13 Year Old ~ Wedding Updates

So, when asking what my 13 year old daughter wants for Christmas, all she says is: "Um... I don't really want anything". Hmmm.... how do I take that?!? When I call the infamous ex hubby to see what he's got in store for her so we don't duplicate anything he replies that he's getting her a desktop computer and and iPod Touch. SERIOUSLY? For a 13 year old?!? A $750 desktop and a $195 iPod Touch? Okay...fine... it's your money, spoil her all you want. I guess it's safe to say that we definitely won't be duplicating any gifts for sure!!!
Knowing full well that I'm NOT spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on one of my three children individually, I feel like how can I even compete with him? I sit and ponder this for a couple of days...then I finally tell myself I don't need to! Christmas isn't about who can buy the better or most expensive gift! And certainly, my daughter knows the true meaning of Christmas. All of my children do! I raised them better than that!

So, when speaking to E about what it is she would like to have for Christmas, she finally shares with me that she would really love a new Flat Iron. She even shares with me a link to a website where she's found one that she says is "absolutely perfect".

This particular Flat Iron retails for $139 but is on sale for $79 and I can get free shipping! I think this is a reasonable gift for her and the $$ is not too bad at all as well. I have a few days to make the purchase in order to receive it in time for Christmas ~ however I saw one at Bed Bath & Beyond that was very similar to this one and I'd have it in hand for sure wrapped and under the tree in time for the big day!!!

Who else do we have on our list to buy for?!? Brian's got 5 grandchildren ~ we have one left to buy for. Little K. K will be two in February and I'm just at odds at what to purchase!! He's got two older brothers. One is 6 years old and the other will be 5 this coming Sunday! What do two year olds like?!? We have cruised the aisles of toy stores and have come up with absolutely nothing!!! We even thought of books. We're just not seeing anything "jump out" at us! You know, this gift has to be "perfect" according to Grandpa!!! :)

All things Wedding Related:

I've accomplished absolutely NOTHING in the last couple of weeks!! Seriously! Here we are, 17 weeks out and I'm acting like I've got all the time in the world! What is with me?!? I think I posted a list of wedding related tasks and/or projects that I needed to do. Well, I can honestly share with you all that I've completed absolutely NOTHING on that list. NOT A THING. I need to get my little behind in gear!!

My top priority is to find, locate and order our flowers for the Bridal Party! Yes, my bouquet, 4 "bridesmaids" bouquets and 5 boutineres. AND, since I'm not able to take real flowers on board the ship, they have to be real touch (silk) flowers. So, I've got my hands full in that department! So, can someone please give me that swift kick in the arse that I so desperately need?!? I thought I had it all figured out until the whole BM Dress delima happened!! Now that we've got all the dresses in hand, I have to find a different bouquet for the girls since the color of the dress is now more of a Turquoise / Teal color! Any suggestions?!?

My second priority is to find Ceremony Music! Brian's niece will be playing the flute for our ceremony and she's been on us for days to let her know what our song choices are so she can get the sheet music and practice before April! You would think this would have been done months ago, and I agree that it should have.....however..... my lovely fiance has been changing his mind as to what songs he likes. So, I'm giving him unitl the end of the week to get me his choices. Come Sunday, I will be emailing his niece with our choices. With or without his input, I'm sending her something!!! :)

Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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