Sunday, December 6, 2009

T-Minus 136

Polka dots & Stripes for a Birthday Girl turning 2 years old!!! I was so honored to make her first birthday cake last year that I had to make her cake again this year!!! It was made with Marshmallow Fondant...yummy! :)
This past week actually flew by! I haven't done much wedding related or anything else. Been doing a lot of baking though. I have another week of relatively keeping busy baking and/or making christmas candies, and also Christmas / Birthday shopping!
For the most part, wedding related tasks are coming to a bit of a halt until the Holidays are over... but me being me, I hope to squeeze something, anything, wedding related DIY projects in the mix!!!
Today marks 18 weeks.... 18 weeks until we're off on the Carnival Elation with close to 35 friends and family members! I am thoroughly excited and can not wait for it to come already!!! It seems like such a long time away, when in reality it's actually right around the corner!!! Can you believe that the wedding date is only 136 days away. Wow. I remember when it was in the late two hundreds.... and now it's in the early one hundreds..... almost to double digits. HOLY FREAKING OUT!!!!
I'm so very glad that one of my best friends who moved away to Arizona is going on the cruise! We became such close friends really quick, worked together at a Law Firm and also at a local Karaoke Bar! :) Had fun times together for years!!! We kinda went our separate ways several years ago, but then re-connected and have been keeping in touch over the last year or so! :) So very happy she'll be joining us on our cruise!!! Yipee!!!


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