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All Things Wedding Related Guide ~ Issue #1 ~ CAKES

Welcome to my début issue of "All Things Wedding Related Guide" I hope you enjoy the information. Please be sure to read the contents of the issue thoroughly as I will be having a GiveAway at the end of each issue.

Since this is my début issue, I will be offering not one, but two GiveAways!!!

It's only fitting that I kick off my new Blog Feature with the Topic: "All things CAKE related"!! Being a Cake Decorator myself is a very rewarding experience! I feel very much at ease when being creative in this sense. I enjoy re-creating what the Bride has envisioned and asked for; it brings great joy when they see it for the first time!!!

For several years now, brides to be have been tossing out the idea of having a traditional wedding cake and opting for the new rage ~ CUPCAKES ~ However, said rage has slowly but surely been fading out.

Here is a list of some recurring themes that was provided by Bakery Crafts, as identified as the "Trends" this year:

•Opulence •Black & White •Color •Silhouettes •Destination •Eco-Friendly •Lace

Opulence ~ Sophisticated simplicity will begin to give way to ornate extravagance.

The word itself sounds “rich”. The French imperial style connotes brocade fabrics, beaded gowns, powdered wigs, and an abundance of precious stones like emeralds, rubies, and, of course, diamonds.

The opulent wedding trend incorporates all of the above except the powdered wigs! Look for extravagant floral centerpieces along with gilded place settings, seven course meals, and dessert displays.

The opulent wedding cake will mimic the accents of a 17th Century royal gown with scrolls, embroidery-like textures and lots of pearls.

Black & White ~ Add a splash of color and elegance abounds!

There’s a certain level of elegance to which no other color combination compares. Perfect for both formal events and more casual gatherings, black and white themes are sophisticated and elegant.

From bridesmaids’ dresses to invitations, floral arrangements and cake decorations, black and white is, and will continue to be, among the hottest trends. Black and White is a perfect canvas for accent colors to explode. Pair this classic duo with one of today's fashion colors like soft pink, “Tiffany Blue”, Chartreuse or true red to create your unique theme.

Color ~ Couples will embrace the use of bold color schemes as they step out of their traditional way of doing things.

Strong, saturated colors say,”Here I am. Look at me!” Use tropical colors to add a “Destination Flair” to the event by focusing on greenish blues and lemon yellows. Continue the color scheme throughout the affair with coördinated or blending colors for the bridesmaids, party favors, floral arrangements, and invitation design.

Watch for pumpkin orange color schemes coming back in vogue along with statement-making shades of pink and sparkling finishes such as pearlescence. 2009 will be about making a personalized statement with your choice. Opt for confidence with a “bounty of color” wedding cake!

Silhouettes ~ Silhouettes can reflect the theme, location or season of the wedding.

Getting its start from the engraved wedding invitation, the Silhouette trend now includes home decor and wedding cake architecture. Carved silhouettes are as hot as they can be. Brides are marrying black and white cake with these classic, romantic elements.

Using a silhouette personalizes the wedding cake to the couple's taste. Choose a topper that accents the personalization. Silhouettes add flair to any style wedding. Look for lace and vintage influences to compliment this contemporary element.

Destinations ~ Destination weddings continue to be a huge hit with Echo Boomers. *(My favorite)*

The Destination Wedding is a growing trend, and its popularity is predicted to increase in 2009. Just 10 years ago, the term 'destination wedding' was virtually unknown. Baby Boomers began exploring non-traditional ways of doing things. It makes sense that their children (Echo Boomers) would continue the exploration by having unconventional ceremonies - the Destination Wedding.

Some bridal retailers say as many as 30% of their weddings are now Destination Weddings. A Destination Wedding is defined as 200 or more miles away from where the bride and groom live (including non-US locations) and having at least 80% of guests requiring overnight accommodations.

For many couples, this is a second wedding. They have had the elaborate affair and are opting for a fuss-free wedding.

Eco-Friendly ~ Going green is a hot trend in almost every area of life and is spilling over into the wedding scene as well.

Couples embracing the green wedding trend are doing what they can to help the environment by hosting a ‘green celebration’. Today, “green” refers to more than a color; it denotes a philosophy. Having an Eco-friendly Wedding is both environmentally conscious and an expression of one’s personal lifestyle.

Brides are trying to make their wedding more environmentally thoughtful by choosing organic fabrics, pesticide-free flowers for cake accessories and centerpieces, along with invitations made from recycled paper. Menus, including the wedding cake, feature locally grown and organic foods, while caterers are asked to use biodegradable place settings and donate leftover food to a homeless shelter. Cake designs are inspired by nature and natural elements which are depicted in color palette and design choices.

Lace ~ Traditional views have been replaced by artistic designs that redefine the way we look at lace.

With opulent weddings being all the rage for 2009, what says opulent romance better than intricate hand-embroidered details? Brides are choosing dresses with more lace, tulle, and other embellishments. This trend extends to other areas of the wedding such as floral arrangements, invitations, place settings, and, of course, cakes.

This trend is pulled right from the fashion runways. The use of lace is part of the vintage and feminine styles displayed in dresses as cap sleeves, antique lace, satin ribbons ruffles, and tea-length gowns. Echo intricate accents of your gown into the wedding cake by incorporating appliqués and embroidery looks.

Use lace to add glamour and sophistication to any wedding theme.

There are various other "Top Trends" for the year and these opinions vary from regions world-wide.

Here are some other inspirational photos of what others chose as their "vision":

Sometimes the only thing that matters to some Brides to be is the appearance of the cake. I am truly AMAZED that they wouldn't even consider the taste factor! To me, that's the most important aspect of any wedding cake. Yes, the way the cake is decorated is an important aspect, however in my opinion, every Bride should always keep the taste of the cake their number one priority when choosing their wedding cake!

In my Cakes 4 Fun business, I've had many unique cake flavor / filling combination requests in the past, however the most popular combination is generally the White cake with Fresh Strawberries.

Recently, an acquaintance of mine began making her very own Dip's. She has several "Sweet" flavors, including Chocolate Malt, Butterscotch Sprinkle, and Lemonade. She also has awesome other flavors, including Taco, Garlic, Onion, Loaded Tater and Bacon. All of these make WONDERFUL dips!!!! I experimented one day using the Chocolate Malt flavored dip ~ made a Chocolate flavored filling and paired it with a Milk Chocolate flavored cake and the result was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. !!!! I've done the same with the Butterscotch Sprinkle dip, paired with regular Yellow cake and it was good as well!! Please browse through her Website and check out all the different Dips she has to offer, along with a ton of tips as to how you can use these dips in different ways in your recipes!!

Finally, on a more personal note, most of you know that I am engaged and will be getting married in early Spring of the coming year. (April to be exact) A number of people and/or clients always ask me "Are you going to be making your own wedding cake?" I always have the same answer. "Absolutely not!" However, boy does the nit picky perfectionist in me come out and I know in the back of my mind that "Yes, I'll probably make my cakes myself!!" I think I would be LESS STRESSED if I did because I'd be way too critical of the end result!! I'd like to share with you guys what I'm leaning towards as far as my wedding is concerned! Keep in mind that we're having a Destination Wedding (going on a cruise and getting married on the beach in one of our ports we stop at); and we're having not one, but two AHR's (at home receptions) upon our in California and one in Minnesota! So, I'm going for EASY versus OVER THE TOP GEORGOUS.

Mini Cupcakes in a Martini Glass! Classic for me!!! :)


GiveAway #1) Cupcakes 'N More® 24 Count Mini Dessert Stand

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