Monday, August 31, 2009

Picture of my Boarding Pass AHR Invites

Here's a mock up of my Boarding Pass AHR Invites. There will be three boarding passes in each. The first one says that "We're Married", the second is the actual invitation to the AHR and the third one is the RSVP. :) Yay! The only change I'm going to make to them are maybe, maybe, inserting my new wonderful monogram that a fellow DW Knottie has made for me. (there was a little typo in it, so she's fixing it for me). Tell me what you guys think!!!!! Here's a picture of the Monogram........

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  1. Could you please send me the template for your boarding pass invitations? I love the way the look and would like to adapt for my wedding in May 2010 in Rome. Needless to say, few people will attend the wedding, but I hope many will come to the AHR! My email is


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