Friday, August 28, 2009

Ceremony wording CHECK!!!!

I have finally completed my ceremony wording for our officiant. I looked through tons of different ones and kinda picked and chose different wording from each and created one that I think will be perfect for us. We are incorporating the Wine and Chocolate ceremony as well as a Sand Ceremony into the wedding so it's gonna be awesome!

We also confirmed with Brian's niece, and she will be playing her flute during the ceremony!!! Yay! I'm not sure yet exactly in what aspect we will use her, I'm just grateful and honored that she will be playing in the ceremony! I was thinking maybe she could provide the music as we're walking down the aisle......not quite sure yet. That's next on my list of to do's! :)

My next DIY goal is to make a photo frame card box. I got the step by step instructions from a fellow bride to be on Project Wedding, so wish me luck! :) It requires a drill, so this could be fun! I'll have to post pictures when I'm done!


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