Sunday, September 26, 2010


I am all about FOOTBALL!! Especially the STEELERS. The 6 time Super Bowl Champion Steelers. The ONLY team to have won 6 Super Bowls. Seriously. I am a Steeler Fan Junkie!

However... I do have to say I like Football in general. I guess it's because I grew up watching NFL games every.single.week!

Growing up in the Bay Area of California, it was either the 49'ers or the Raiders. Despite the fact that we lived in a City two minutes away from Oakland....ten minutes from the Oakland Coliseum, you'd think my mom would be a Raider fan right?!? Nope. She was a DIE HARD 49'er fan through and through!

She was a petite, 4 ft., 9 inch Chinese/Filipino who could whoop and holler with the best of 'em. Cussing up a storm every few minutes... oh.. yes... how I miss those days!! We'd have BBQ Sticks like these:

And of course Won Tons like these homemade ones my daughter and I made:

Mmmm.. those were the days!!!

These days, my Sundays consists of spending it from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. (sometimes earlier if I get tired.. or later if my Steelers are still playing) at either Cool Hand Lukes (because you know, it's the Coolest Joint in Town)

Or this local Pizza Parlor that is most famous for their incredibly delicious Chicken Wings! This place has been open for 35+ years and still going strong! Quite honestly, I don't quite care for their pizza, but boy, those Chicken Wings are TO DIE FOR! I usually order them with some Fries and this is what I get:

Well, onto this week's Steeler's game. This is what I have to say about that!

Both teams are going into this game 2 - 0, so its going to be a good game. I think the Steeler's defense can hold the Bucs, but their offense (Steeler's) need to do some fancy dancing early on!!! I have faith! I have faith!

Now, here's an awesome photo to leave you all with.... this is a true Steeler Fan! I should have worn my Steeler Scarf, and had my Steeler Football with me in this picture. Ah... maybe next time! :)


  1. My hubby is a huge sports fan and I am really starting to get into football!

  2. GO STEELERS!!!!!

    I'm from Baltimore but I hate the Ravens, I love my Steelers so much that I've had eggs thrown at my truck because I have the Steeler's sticker on it...oh way!!!

    They are going all the way again this year...I love DIXON as well

    Take care


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