Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All things Sweet!

Margarita Cupcakes

Oh how I enjoy making these. Between these delicious Margarita Cupcakes and the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (which by the way are my two most favorite Cupcakes to make) I love, love, love, the Margarita ones a tad bit better!!

I spent most of morning yesterday making several dozen Margarita Cupcakes. And no...I didn't take any swigs of the Tequila...AT ALL. :)

For some reason, I enjoy making these particular Cupcakes the most. Perhaps it's because I love Margaritas in general. Oh yes, I believe that's probably the number one reason why.

These Margarita Cupcakes are a yellow cupcake, made from scratch, with hints of lime flavoring from the zest of limes. They're topped with a Lime Buttercream also infused with Lime flavoring and lime zest. This delicious buttercream also contains Tequila which gives it that extra flavor which, combined with the lime is ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!! A true "Margarita" tasting Cupcake!!!

On Monday, I spent the morning making these amazingly tasting Chocolate Covered Pretzels! They are the BEST!! You have that salty taste of the Pretzel, yet the sweetness of the Chocolate..... a very intoxicating combination!!!

I made Milk Chocolate with Sprinkles......

And White Chocolate with Sprinkles......

I also made some Milk Chocolate with Crushed Oreos.....
They didn't look all too appealing, but they tasted DELICIOUS!!

How would you like to sample some of these goodies?!? Well, be sure to keep coming back to check because there's going to be opportunities coming up in the next week or so for you to receive a gift basket from Clever Confections!

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Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Mmmm... those pretzels look like they'd made the perfect Christmas gift wrapped in a pretty bag. Thanks for this. I'm so glad I found you (through the blog hop!)

  2. I need a margarita cupcake! (extra tequila, please!) ;)

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  7. I'll take five of everything please!! :)

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