Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahhh....weekend together!!!

Brian had this weekend off, but unfortunately, he had to work the Holiday today. He's not complaining because he gets the Holiday Pay, so I suppose it all works out. We didn't have any plans for the long weekend, so it worked out perfectly!

We had a nice couple of days off! On Saturday, we went to some friends of ours, Karin and Bill's house for a BBQ and we played Phase 10 ALL NIGHT! They live about an hour away from us, and by the time we got home it was a little after 2 a.m.

Have you ever played Phase 10? I love it! It's almost a Rummy Type game but with twists. (Ha ha ha, I just read the description on the photo above, and I said almost the same exact thing.) It's a big hit in Germany and we played with a new set of cards that just recently came out. I'm not sure if it's available yet in the US, but it is a nice looking set!

As a matter of fact, after doing a Google Search, I found it!

Needless to say, we played two games ~ it takes quite a while to go thru all 10 Phases and we had 5 playing, so one game alone lasted a couple of hours!

Brian won both games. Thus, he is the self-proclaimed "Phase 10 Prince". And yes, I've been listening to him refer to himself as such several times this weekend already.

I hear there's a Phase 10 "Master" Edition that has been released in Germany and I can't wait until it's released here in the US! (Yes, I'm addicted to Phase 10)

This is Bill and Karin's dog Max. I was afraid that Duke was going to be a pain in the butt with Max, but low and behold, the two of them got along quite nicely! Max had no problems telling Duke who's house he was in, but then again, Duke didn't have any problems telling Max he didn't care! It took a while, but they both ended up getting along wonderfully!

Duke just couldn't figure out how in the heck Max kept getting in the house when nobody was opening the sliding glass door! (Max has a doggie door) Poor Duke...all night he kept pawing at the doggie door flap, but never figured out how to go thru it!

Yesterday, we took a nice motorcycle ride to the coast, Monterey, and walked along their 'Fishermans Wharf' (Nothing beats San Francisco's original Fisherman's Wharf in my opinion)

We walked along the pier where all the shops were, but it was mostly just restaurants ~ not too many 'shops' at all.

At the end of the Pier there was a gentleman named "George". He had a cart of Parrots on display. Here are a few pictures.

There was also a Greek Festival going on while we were there and I just HAD to take a photo of this. (See, told you I take Random Photos)

All in all, the weather was great there. A bit on the cooler side, but so very nice!

It was a very nice ride, a bit chili in some spots coming into the coast, but for the most part it was very comfortable!! On the way home, it was extremely HOT! We had to stop just so we could shed some layers!

I love it when we get to spend some quality time together! It makes me appreciate life all the more! Especially when you spend it with someone you love!!!

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  1. I LOVE Phase 10!! My parent's bought it for my sisters & I years ago and it's always been a family game for us. I recently introduced Jay to it but he didn't love it quite as much. I think it was because it went on for about 18 rounds before anyone won, lol.


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