Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Opinions Please!!!

As most of you know, we're giving our sailing guests Welcome Bags. I was very fortunate enough to have a great friend, who I met through a very awesome forum comprised of Destination Wedding brides, make several drafts of what I will be using as the Tags on the Welcome Bags. She did an awesome job creating these and I'm very grateful and appreciative for it!!! :) Thanks Lisa!!!

Please view the photos below, and tell me which one you like the best!

Beach Flip Flops # 1

Beach Rocks #2

Beach Sunset #3

Palm Trees #4

I’m torn between the first one and the third one. Brian, along with several of our friends totally love the third one. I like the first one because of the pastel colors and the flip flops and shells on the beach. I like the third one because it best depicts our week while cruising, with the sunset on the horizon.

So, tell me what you guys think!


  1. Thanks Roodlyne! I'll have to let you all know which one we pick!! :)


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