Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Nolan's Story

Last May, I started a new chapter in my life. Although Brian and I were not engaged at the time, we had already decided we wanted to get married. We also knew that we wanted a "Destination Wedding". One of the first things I did was join The Knot which is an on-line site for brides to be. They have an entire community of Destination Wedding Brides along with a wealth of vendor information.

I joined the "forum" which consisted of fellow DW Brides who were planning their wedding or had just recently got married. It's safe to say that in the last year I've "met" so many wonderful individuals, I can't begin to express exactly how much they've inspired me in so many ways!

One of the 'knotties' had recently been married just 5 months prior to me joining the community. They were expecting their first baby, who by the way, was conceived on while on their honeymoon! How awesome is that?!?

Here’s a video that share’s Little Nolan’s story.

I don't know Ashley personally, however, I follow her blog and I just can't imagine how she feels. I can say, that she's an inspiration to all. She's gone thru one of life's most horrific curve balls it can throw anyone, and she continues to rise above it all. Below is another video which Ashley has titled “Our Amazing Nolan”

**For some reason, the video’s didn't load correctly, so, here’s the links to both videos.**

Little Baby Nolan’s Story

Our Amazing Nolan

I'm not sure exactly why I felt compelled to share this with you guys, but I think it's because of a post Ashley shared on her blog today. It was about a little girl named Piper, who like Nolan, came into the world very early.

Here’s a link to Piper’s Story.

I am truly blessed each and for the gift of live that God has given me, as well as the lives of my children and those who I love so dearly. I have taken life for granted in the past, but within the last couple of years, have realized that we can’t! We can’t live life as if it will last forever. You can’t treat those you love with any disregard because YOU NEVER KNOW what will happen during any given day! Live life every day to it’s fullest, for you never know what tomorrow will bring. You never know what TODAY will bring.


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