Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need to get a "REAL" job... or so I've been told!!!!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of on the go for Brian and I! So much so that today, I’m going to take a couple of hours out this morning to just relax and have a little bit of ‘me’ time!

Some may say,

“Why Shelli, you get to stay home everyday ~ how much more ‘me’ time do you need?”

Well, this takes me to a totally different subject. One that has been perturbing me for the last couple of weeks. Let’s see how you all feel about this. Get ready for a mini-vent session

Brian and I have a newly acquired friend. He’s a great guy, but sometimes his ways of thinking is, to me, way off base and borderline offensive.

Recently, during a conversation we were having with a group of friends, “P” (we’ll call him) made a comment to me something along the lines of:

Well Michele, it’s not
like you have a ‘real’ job

You see, I don’t have to get up in the morning and commute to my job. I am luckily enough (if you would call it that) to be able to work from home.

I have a Cake business which has grown into full fledged Event Planning as well.

I have clients who I do wedding cakes for, anniversary cakes, Quincenera cakes, birthday cakes, etc. Along with cakes, I also do bulk cookie orders, cupcake orders, etc. I have clients as far away from California as New York.

Packaged Pink Packaged

I have clients who I plan big events for… weddings, reunions, corporate parties, etc.

I have an existing client base which generates repeat business. I have a website which generates new business. Word of mouth advertising seems to work well for me. And I recently opened an Etsy Store which has generated some clients.

So despite the fact that I don’t work an 8 to 5 job, nor do I have to work for anyone else, I do have a job. And it is so very real. And it’s very fun.

After going rounds for a few with “P”, he throws this out:

Well, you don’t bring
in steady income

Well, true… I don’t bring in ‘steady’ income per say, but can I just tell you that more often than not, one client alone… ONE WEDDING CAKE alone… I will have cleared more than those making $20 an hour who’ve worked an 8 hour day!

Does that make sense? I mean, if “P’s” hourly wage is $20 an hour, and he worked an 8 hour day, he would have made $160 correct? I get paid more than $160 for a wedding cake, AND, I work less than 8 hours on any given cake!! There's even occasions where just ONE wedding cake alone will generate me more $$ than what he would make in one 40 hour week!!!


Using this same scenario, “P” would have to work a little more than three 8 hours shifts to make the same amount of money that I average for any given wedding cake at ONE TIME.

So, given the fact that I don’t have a wedding cake client every single day…. or every single weekend for that matter, I don’t bring in “steady” income.

On the other side of the spectrum, during peak wedding season, I am booked every single weekend with a client for a wedding cake ~ sometimes even double booked. And, during the off season, I still have clients on the books whose weddings I am coordinating.

I get at least one client a week, even if it’s for just a birthday cake….or just a cupcake order, but business is business, no matter how small or large the job is.


Also, who do you all think keeps the house in order? Who does all the laundry? Takes care of the household budget? Takes care of paying bills? Who cooks all the meals? Who scrubs the toilet? Who takes out the trash? Who runs all the errands that need to be done during the day while Brian is at work? ME, that’s who! And I do it because I WANT to do it. That’s my “REAL” job! :) Baking is my “FUN” job.

Vegas Theme

AND, since I am able to stay at home during the day and work around my own schedule, I have the opportunity to do whatever the H ~ E ~ double hockey sticks that I want. !!!!!!!

So today my friends, while Brian is at work, and “P” is working his 6th day in a row (he was just mentioning to Brian the other night that he has had to work for the pass week with no day off) I am taking a little ‘me’ time ~ a break from my menial job of cleaning, doing laundry, etc. and going to head to Starbucks for a nice CARAMEL FRAPPICINNO and browse through my WeddingStar Magazine for more inspiration for our receptions.


Oh, did I mention the fact that I’m also in the midst of planning our wedding?!? Yes…not only our wedding Cruise with approximately 40 guests, but also TWO wedding receptions? One local, but one in another State?!?

So if I didn’t have my job that I have now (even though in some people’s eyes it’s not really a job) I wouldn’t be able to plan my wedding of my dreams!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!!




  1. You are one busy gal. the cakes look amazing.

  2. i absolutely hate when ppl make those kinds of comments!! a teacher currently working from home since i had my baby...i stay home out of choice because i want to be with my child during these early years...sometimes i make just as much as i would if i were in the classroom all day, attending meetings and conferences, and staying after school for hours to meet deadlines or not get "bogged down"...sometimes ppl just amaze me with their comments of how my wah job isn't "real"....congrats on your business and i hope it continues to prosper!

  3. I for one, KNOW, how hard you work! SO Sorry, but screw Mr. P. :) Sorry..but it had to be said. You are an amzaing person Shelli, and I'm always in awe of how much you get done. Hey btw I got lots of wedding stuff done today, venue, dj, photographer, menu is all set. Woohoo!! Oh and I changed the color, and fixed the tux order at the shop. Now its SET so we can talk shower, etc.

    Love ya woman!


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