Friday, February 5, 2010

Loving Date Day Thursdays!!

Date Day Thursdays ~

Panera Bread

As most of you know, Thursdays are Brian and I’s “Date Day”. We more often than not start out at Panera Bread for a late breakfast / early lunch and just relax for about an hour or two. I always try to get the table next to the fireplace because it is very cozy, not to mention warm!!!

It’s so awesome when we’re standing in line and everyone greets us with a smile and a “Good Morning”. What’s even more amazing is when it’s our turn to order and the gal asks “Having your usual guys?” Then proceeds to get Brian’s Bagels, slice and toasts them, rings us up and gives us our little pager for my order. LOVE IT. Here’s what I get 99.9% of the time:


It’s the “You Pick Two” combination that they offer. Love me some Asian Chicken Salad with a Roast Beef and Asiago Cheese sandwich and a side of Chips. :)

Yesterday, while enjoying our meal, Brian and I had the opportunity to really discuss some of the more important issues regarding the upcoming Wedding Cruise. And boy did we get a lot accomplished!!! Isn’t it funny though, I mean we live together but never really get the time to actually DISCUSS things of this nature at home! We’re always too busy with normal life stuff that it takes a little “date time” to discuss like this!

Wedding Dress Alteration Issue

So, after Panera, we took my wedding dress to yet another seamstress to see if she would be willing to hem my dress for me. You see, I don’t need any other alterations other than the hem (because I’m sooooo short). After showing the dress to the nice lady, she asked if I could try it on so she can get the right look. Of course, I couldn’t because I didn’t have the shoes I’m going to wear with us, (maybe because I haven’t purchased it yet?????) however, since we’re going to be getting married on a beach, I told her that I didn’t think I’d be wearing anything with a heel on it at all. Nonetheless, I didn’t try it on, and just by showing her a picture of me in the dress and her visualizing the length, she estimated that the cost would be $325. WHAT? $325 to hem the outer layer and the lining?!? I have friends who are getting married right around the same time as I am and they’re having a TON MORE extensive alterations done, like adding material, switching out the zipper for a lace up corset back, etc., and they’re not paying that amount of money! Aye carrumba!!


So people, at this point and time, I’m not too sure what I’m going to do. I mean, we were fortunate enough to get my dress at an incredibly awesome price (read about it here) And to pay triple the costs, just doesn’t seem right. I guess if I love the dress that much, I suppose I could go ahead and pay it, but……. we’ll see.

$1.50 Margarita Night

We always cap off our Date Day with Margarita Night at a local Mexican Restaurant / Bar where they have $1.50 Margaritas! We meet up with friends there and have enjoy the ending of our day. I, personally, didn’t have ONE alcoholic beverage last night! You see, I think it’s the age thing. Now that I’m older, I can’t seem to just drink like I did before. Like last week….. here’s my drink after about an hour of being there…..


As you can see, not only is it just half consumed, but it’s melted down quite considerably. I, for some reason, can’t consume alcoholic drinks like I used to. Now on the other hand, I can definitely do shots! No problem whatsoever there!

Go Steelers Brian and I doing shots

Brian on the other hand, you will HARDLY EVER see him do a shot EVER. It takes a really, really, good reason for him to even contemplate doing one, let alone doing it period! The above shot of him and I doing one together was taken several weeks ago with the Minnesota Vikings lost to the New Orlean Saints (which by the way was a very bogus game). Yeah, that was one of those MUST DO A SHOT evening for him.

Here’s a picture of one of our friends who joins us for Margarita Thursdays, her name is Renae.


And here’s a picture of Renae and our favorite Bar Tender / Manager ever! His name in Ben.

Renae and Ben

Ahhh….. good times!


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