Friday, February 26, 2010



Cute little Lauren Conrad dress I (Brian) found at Kohls. I’m not usually a fan of the style or print, but after trying it on, it doesn’t look too bad. I’m going to wear it one night on the cruise ~ just not sure which night! :)

AE Bracelet

A fellow soon to be DW Bride shared this cute little bracelet from American Eagle! My daughter works at AE, so I asked her to order these for me. (She receives a generous associate discount, plus free shipping ~ SWEET) I believe I am going to give these as a gift to our officiant who is also a very close friend of Brian’s and I, and one to Brian’s niece who is playing her flute during our ceremony!


This dress is the dress I bought for Elyssa (my 13 year old) to wear for the Captain’s dinner on the cruise. It’s a cute dress and age appropriate.

Renae and I doing a shot

My friend Renae and I doing a shot of Patron last night at “ $1.50 Margarita Night “………..


Oh, and again…my shoes I purchased at the infamous Target! Did I tell you all how much I ♥ Target? And not just because Brian and I met there… or that I used to work there… or that Brian still works there… but just because they are awesome!

Have an AMAZING Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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