Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Cake Disaster!

This past weekend was a weird sort of weekend!! I had a wedding on Saturday, so I spent the most part of Friday night, into the wee hours of Saturday morning baking my little heart out.

The bride requested a 3 tiered, off set, square cake with an alternating ribbon border and alternating scrolls on each tier. Along with that, she also wanted 5 dozen cupcakes. Not a hard thing to do at all!! Unless you're me of course and PROCRASTINATE until the last possible minute!!!

The bride elected two weeks out that she would like to forego the traditional cake topper and go with fresh flowers instead. No biggie. We discussed her options and she chose to go with two different types of flowers. Two colors ~ one of a light purple and the other a lighter blue ~ both to offset her wedding colors which were more darker than what she wanted her flowers to be.

Not an unusual request at all. However when I got to the venue to set up her cake I can not find any flowers for her cake. I was looking for two dozen flowers, 12 of two different colors. What do I find waiting for me on the cake table instead? A mixed flower bouquet. One that looks like this:
Minus the purple flowers, but replaced with these:

Seriously doesn't even go with the color scheme of her wedding colors at all!! Nor did any of those flowers match her bridal party or her brides bouquet!!

I had no other choice but to use the flowers from the bouquet to put on the cake. I had texted her to be sure that maybe I somehow didn't see the correct flowers, but she confirmed that I was to use the bouquet that was left on the cake table. I took a picture of the bouquet and sent it to her for confirmation because I thought maybe, somehow, someone had put the wrong flowers on the table. But NOOOOO. Ugh.

So, needless to say, the cake AFTER I added the flowers to it didn't look so good after all. All of my hard work! 6 cakes.....10 lbs. of powdered sugar for the buttercream icing.....the pretty ribbon border....the hand piped scrolls on each tier. UGH.

I don't even want to post a picture of what the end result looked like because it was THAT bad. I'm almost embarassed to say that I created that cake. After years of doing event cakes and some 40 + weddings later, I don't think I've ever been so disappointed!!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! I know that when you take pride in what you do, you want people to look at YOUR work and think YOU did a great job. It is hard when someone else is making the decisions on the colors, flowers, etc and no one knows that except for you and the Bride. Maybe you can make up cards to go somewhere near the cake that say, 'Cake made and decorated by Michele. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHOICES IN COLORS OR DECORATION MADE BY THE BRIDE!' :o) LOL!

    I {{heart}} the new wedding cakes of today. They are so beautiful. I'm quite envious of the brides. I would like to marry my husband again just so we could have one!

    Hope you are having a great Monday!


    Teresa <><

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  3. know we are our own worst critics, yes? It can't possibly have been THAT bad. And even if it was THAT bad, this is the bride's doing...not yours. So, I would not say that YOU designed a bad cake, I would say you were forced to work with you had and the bride was of no help whatsoever. I would kind of like to see a picture. Y'know...just in case I have this dilemma in the future, I will know exactly what the outcome will be. Not that I design wedding cakes. Or bake.


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