Thursday, August 5, 2010

Physics.... WHAT?!?

General Physics ~

“This course will try to relate physics to other areas of knowledge and discuss science in general, and physics specifically, as part of the concept of culture and time”

Say what?!? Oh boy. Physics. Yes, me.. I’m a 42 year old going back to school. See, what happened is this. I got my Associates of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and my Associates of Arts Degree in Behavioral & Social Sciences back in 2007. At that time, I had every intentions of pursuing my Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I decided to take a semester off since I had been going full-time for two years straight, some semesters taking 21 Units… (yes… I had to petition for the extra units and they amazingly approved it!!). Well, one semester break turned into two semesters…which led to three… and then four… and the rest is history. I was right on track to transfer to California State University Stanislaus with the intent of receiving my Bachelors by the end of Fall 2009.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I took the time off in the beginning to focus on my Cake Decorating Classes. At that point, I’d been teaching 4 nights a week, three classes every evening. Slowly but surely, my Cake Decorating Business was getting more business than I anticipated, so I kinda just focused on that.

Well, all that procrastinating did me a bunch of good. NOT. What happened?!? Oh.. I lost my Catalog Rights, therefore, instead of only the two transferrable classes I needed to take, I now have 4 PLUS a Lab. AND…. of all things, PHYSICS is one of those classes.

Do you know how much I detest any type of Science? Seriously… I don’t even like any Science Fiction movies at all! Never got into Star Trek. The closest to Sci Fi for me was "Back to the Future”. Ha ha ha! This will be me the very first day of class:

To make matters worse, since I’m a degree holder, I don’t get any type of priority when it comes to Registration. So, after all the Priority people register, then the Returning Students register, it’s my turn. What classes are going to be left?!? NOTHING I NEED. Despite what the photo below says, in this case, it's NOT OKAY to be last in line!!!

The classes I really needed were all full and I’m wait listed on one of them. Just one. The rest were already closed and there had reached it's limit on wait listed students. So, the one that I'm wait listed on is my Math Class. Actually, I'm okay if I don’t get into it this semester because I’m not sure if I can handle a Physics class with a Lab AND a Math class. (Which by the way, meets Monday thru Thursday) It’s bad enough my Physics class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the lab on Thursdays. (Yes, my Date Day Thursdays) Ugh.

All of this because of what?!? My goal to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. And just what in the world will I do with that Bachelors at say….45 years of age?!?

My 20 year old daughter told me a while back, “Mother, we’ll be graduating with our Bachelors Degree about the same time”. Ah…….. out of the mouth of babes. :)

So, wish me luck people!! (And keep your fingers crossed that my books for this Physics Class and this Math Class isn’t like $1,875.00)



  1. I hope you get into all the classes you need to take! I just started back to college this June.

    I'm your newest follower from Friendly Friday! Would love it if you'd follow back at Mom of all Trades. Have a great weekend!

  2. Good luck, Shelli!! If I knew anything about Physics, I'd offer my help; However, I think you'll be better out without me! lol!


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