Monday, August 2, 2010

Meandering Mondays!

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Meandering Mondays

Meandering Mondays is where I share with you a couple of different Blogs that I've recently came upon and/or have been following for awhile. I enjoy reading blogs of all kinds! Last week, I shared the blogs Slam Dunks and A Few of My Favorite Things. I hope you all took the time to check them out!

This week, I'll be featuring two blogs again! The first blogger is Meg at O. is me.   Here is Meg's "About Me" taken from her blog:
I'm a highly energetic cupcake-obsessed high school theatre teacher/director. I actually teach at the high school I attended as a young dame and teaching with my favorite theatre teacher! It's a blast. I love my job and my crazy awesome students! I direct up to 3 shows a year, and that definitely keeps me busy. I'm super artsy fartsy, so my job lets me explore that outlet on a daily basis. Lord knows I need to get that out of my system. I'm also a classically trained singer (having studied it in college along with theatre), and I sing with the Houston Symphony Chorus. I'm interested in a multitude of things, which definitely gives me a reason to blog. I mean, who wouldn't want to know my opinion or insight?

Aside from my artsy-ness, I consider myself a huge foodie. I'm talking obsessed. I'll try anything. I love cooking, dining, and trying new restaurants, especially ones off the beaten path! Side note: cupcakes are the perfect food. Seriously. I also consider myself a bit of a health nut. I'm into nutrition and fitness (although sometimes I get lazy on the fitness part... don't we all?). Even though I am waaaaaay into food, I try to develop ways to incorporate my favorite things in moderation and in a healthy way (aside from cupcakes). I love beauty products -- getting my hair done, trying new makeup and skincare. I try to take good care of myself, since it's the only "me" I have. I also love to travel. I've been many different places including South America and Europe, and I am hungry for more!

I'm married to a wonderful man named Greg O. We got married on July 25, 2009. He's a sports lovin', former New England boy working in the insurance industry. He's extremely intelligent, well-spoken, intuitive, and being from MA, he's hot and looks like a Kennedy. His logic and sporty-ness balance out my emotion and artsy-ness. He is the perfect man for me! He always makes me laugh and he is my best friend. We love to travel together. Greg and I have a new kitty named Dexter O. He's an Abyssinian, which is the coolest breed of cat ever!! Dexter is very much a part of our family. He is well-loved and we even take him on weekend trips because he is that awesome.

Meg blogs about everything! I love that she's an ARTIST, and a DANCER. And most of all, she was a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE who just celebrated her 1 year anniversary!!
(Seriously folks, you should click on the "Dancer" link above, and you'll see the most amazing Happy Dance ever!!)


The second blogger is Pam at For the Love of Cooking.  Pam shares all of her delicious recipes on her blog, along with beautiful, and helpful photos!!  Here's Pam's "About Me" taken from her blog:
... I am a stay at home mom with two children who inspire me to be a better cook. I love using fresh ingredients, organic when possible, and I like to experiment with different tastes and textures. I try to keep my recipes lower in fat but still tasting great. My favorite hobbies are cooking, photography and blogging so I decided to combine them and create a recipe blog. It has been a wonderful way to organize my recipes and share them at the same time. A big thank you to my amazing husband Chad who has helped me become a better photographer.

Please be sure to stop by these blogs and give them some blog love!

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