Friday, August 6, 2010

Nightmare.....but a REALITY!!!


(And I'm going to share every.single.little detail with you lucky readers. HOLY CRAP is all I can say, so grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and live vicariously through me and what I went through last night)

It's a little after 11 p.m. on Thursday night, August 5th. Brian is asleep because he has to be up at 4:15 a.m. I'm sitting at the dining room table watching past episodes of Boston Med on, minding my own business.

:: Doorbell rings :: followed by a "thud, thud, thud" on the front door. I jump up a bit, but just sit there. Another "thud, thud, thud" (knocking) on the door. Again... I just wait. :: Doorbell rings :: again. I get up and look out the peep hole, but don't see anything but shadows, or so I tell myself. "Bang, bang, bang" as I continue to look out the peep hole, but this time it scares me and I go running down the hall (totally scared shitless) into the Master Bedroom, frantically shake Brian and tell him there's someone knocking at the door and ringing the bell and that I'm scared!

Half asleep and groggy, he's totally out of it... and the loud "bang, bang, bang" on the door once again. Brian is getting up (very freaking slowly I might add) and tells me to go ask who it is. I go back to the door and ask "Who is it?". "Police Dept., open up". So, ever so slowly I open the door. There's one officer, to the left of the door way who is partially blocked with his head popping in the doorway; there's another officer standing to the right of the doorway; and another standing directly in front of me, but a few feet away. All three of them with their hands on their weapon, which by the way was still holstered.

As I open the door, I'm freaked out that there's all these officers standing there. The conversation goes like this:

Officer: Is there a Brian here 'mam?
Me: Um, excuse me?
Officer: Is there a Brian (last name) here?
Me: Yes, but he's asleep.
Officer: We need to speak to him, can you please get him for us?
Me: Sure, I'll be right back. :: tries to shut the door ::
Officer: :: puts his foot in the door way :: Sorry 'mam, you'll have to leave the door open
Me: What for?
Officer: 'Mam, you need to leave the door open while you get Brian.
Me: :: shurggs ::

I go to the bedroom and tell Brian it's the police and they asked for him. He puts on a pair of shorts and groggily walks to the door. (At this time, I had to hold our killer attack dog, Duke, so he wouldn't go after the intruders.)

When Brian gets to the door, the conversation goes like this:

Officer: Brian Lastname?
Brian: Yes
Officer: Do you know a Jose Camacho?
Brian: :: looks at me :: Hmmmm... I'm not sure.
Officer: :: Pulls out a Booking Photo of Mr. Camacho ::
Brian: :: looking at Photo :: (Still half asleep and couldn't really focus)
Officer: :: shines his flashlight on the photo :: How about a "Hector?"
Brian: No, he doesn't look familiar and I don't know a Hector or a Jose with that last name.
Me: :: looks at the Photo :: He doesn't look familiar to me.
Officer: Do you own an '01 Explorer?
Brian: Yes
Officer: You do?
Brian: Yes. Would you like to see it? It's right outside... at least it better be outside!

The officer and Brian both walk off. I'm left with the other two lovely officers.

Officer Friendly: Is there anyone else in the home at this time?
Me: Nope
Officer Friendly: Do you mind if I check?
Me: (thinking go ahead...there's no freaking body else here)

Officer Friendly continues to make small talk..about the weather, about our 'cute dog', about all of my Target Dogs in the living room. I then ask if everything is okay and he replies: "The officer's outside will explain everything." Fine... I go walk outside.

This is the scene outside:

Lady Officer is on the stairway outside 'watching' our fence of our patio; Another Officer on the other side of our patio; Officer #6 was with Brian and Officer #1 out at Suzy (our Explorer ~ remember all of our vehicles are named.) WTF IS GOING ON?!?

When I walk up to them, Brian was speechless...... Officer #1 explained that the back License Plate on Suzy was a Stolen Plate.


Apparently this is what occurred. We don't know when this happened, but someone stole the back plates off of Suzy, our Explorer. They put a stolen licence plate on Suzy (so we wouldn't notice it missing) Then, they put Suzy's License Plate on another Explorer. Said Explorer was involved in a Hit and Run earlier in the evening. Evidently, a Lieutenant (not sure from which department) was injured during the Hit and Run some how.... not really sure what the situation is / was. There were six (6) officers from three different Departments on this call. SIX.

Officer #1 proceeds to take the stolen plate off of Suzy. He tells us that he's hoping they'll "get prints of one Jose Camacho" off of it. He also tells us that we have to go to the DMV first thing in the morning to get new plates. New plates that WE HAVE TO PAY FOR. So yes, we were VICTIMS here! And they came to our home....with their hands on their weapons. To our home. Geeze Louise!

So, after oh about an hour or of 'dealing' with the worlds finest from three different Departments, we were "free to go".

To be continued...........................

*The reason why I knew that there was something wrong with the plates and I couldn't place it was this: We JUST transferred Suzy's registration from Minnesota to California (no pun intended) last year. And, we had trouble with getting the registration tags this year, and had just put the 2010 ones on them last month. SO.... there were only two stickers on Suzy's plates. The stolen plates that was put on Suzy had sticker, upon sticker, upon sticker, upon sticker... THAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE. That's what I noticed different about Suzy's license plate, but NEVER IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What an experience! I am so glad that they figured out that Brian wasn't involved straight away, or else you would have had a much longer night with those fine officers. Wow!

  2. WOW!! Glad everything turned out ok!

  3. Now that was a story much easier re-lived than lived! Glad it all turned out fairly well, but YIKES!

  4. Oh my goodness what an experienced! What good that came out from that experience the car is out of danger and you guys too. Happy Friday!

    Friday 40 & over

  5. OMG Shelli! That's so scary! If someone was thudding on my door that late at night I would honestly pee myself. Thank God that Brian was home and you weren't alone! I'm so glad the officers realized that you guys weren't involved but there is NO WAY you should be responsible to pay for it. That's just crazy. Good luck at the DMV hun.

  6. Holy CRAP, Shelli!!! Now I know why we NEEDED to have a conversation this morning! I'm so glad everything got straightened out! I think it's crap you have to pay for your new tags. Super lame. Love you!

  7. OMG I would have been scared to death. How do you like California??


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