Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful Bloggers

I am honored to receive this Beautiful Blogger Award once again!!

Thanks so much to Doreen at "They Say Everyone Has A Story" for so graciously awarding me with this award!

The recipients of this Award have to state 7 Beautiful things around me, and pass this Award on to 7 other blogs who inspire me!

7 Beautiful Things:

  • My three wonderful, most amazing, beautiful children because they inspire me to be the best mother ever!

  • My beautiful (okay, handsome) husband because he loves me unconditionally and accepts me for who I am. Faults and all!

  • My little beautiful new puppy, Duke because he's so freaking cute!

  • My DW friends: Knotties and Nesties alike, because without them, I wouldn't have had the most beautiful and amazing wedding I did 4 months ago!

  • My beautiful Blogesphere friends and followers because you give me motivation to blog!

  • All my beautiful friends because each and every one of you have touched my heart in a special way!

  • My beautiful God who gives me my strength and wisdom to do all that is right in my life!!

  • 7 Beautiful Bloggers:

  • Meg at O is Me

  • Maura at Maura's Malarky

  • Sheila at Running Late Again

  • Kelly at Dare to be Domestic

  • Amy at We're in for it

  • Kiera at Imperfect Daisies

  • Kim at The Perpetual Party Planner

  • Of course, there are soo many of you fellow bloggers who deserve this BEAUTIFUL Award just as much as I or anyone else does!

    I am honoring EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of you and passing on this BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD to you!!


    1. I am following you from social parade! Please come by and visit my blog!

    2. Congrats!! logging is so much fun!
      happy blog hop!
      Come follow me back!

    3. Awww thank you girl - I will have to get right on this!!!

    4. Congrats on your award!! I AM SO SORRY IT'S TAKEN ME FOREVER TO GET TO THIS!! I went out of town this weekend and it looked like I was blogging a lot since I scheduled posts. But I humbly humbly accept this from you and I think you are DA BOMB!!!!!! Love ya, Michele!

    5. Congrats on the award and thank you!


    Thanks for sharing any comments you may have! I appreciate it! Thanks for following!