Thursday, January 6, 2011

Super Duper Savings & Date Day Thursday!!

I saved $242.88

What?  How?  Huh?

Well, what's my most FAVORITE store in the world?  Target!  And I've been stalking their Seasonal items since the day after Christmas.  Yes, they went 30% off, then 50%, and then 75%  And I bought Christmas stuff every.single.time I went!

I bought Christmas Wrapping paper, Gift Bags, Christmas Cards, and all kinds of stuff!!

THEN..... I get a phone call from the dear Hubs while he's on his morning break.  Guess what?  At HIS store, (not his his, but his) their Seasonal went 90% off!  Say what?  Ohhhhh Yeeeahhhh.

I say:  "Hey hon, how 'bout I come and have lunch with you?"  :) 
My way to go check out what they have left in their store for 90% off.  Hehehe. 
Oh, yeah, and to have lunch with him too, of course.

Check this out!!

Did you see that??


I saved $242.88  Yes I did.  And if you look carefully, I only spent $40.66.

I'll take pictures and show you all what I bought and for how much!!  :) 
You're going to be extremely amazed!! 
So stay tuned for that!


Date Day Thursday

Ever since Brian & I started dating several years ago, we've spent Thursdays as our "Date Day".

Every.Single.Thursday we used to go to Panera Bread for a late breakfast, early lunch.  Brunch.  Brian would get Breakfast, I would get Lunch.  :)

Here's my favorite ~ Asian Chicken Salad and a half Asiago & Roast Beef Sandwich.

Since our big Wedding Cruise, we've been going to:

We now go at 7:45 am for their "Gator Special"

$1.99 for 2 eggs, hashbrowns, and choice of toast, biscuits & gravy or pancakes.
Not bad eh???

Our Date Day today, will also consist of shopping!  I have two cake orders for this weekend and two for next weekend, so a shopping expedition to the Cake & Candy Supply store is definitely in order.

Gotta love going shopping on Date Day Thursdays!!



My niece asked if I'd make 100 flower cookies for her daughter's 2nd birthday.
Said birthday party is in Guam.
So, I had to get crackn'!

I took pictures. 

Here they are baked, cooled, and outlined with Royal Icing:

Here they are filled in with thinned out Royal Icing:

And here they are completely decorated:


Why?  Because I was in such a rush to get these babies packaged and shipped!  HOWEVER, I'm sure my lovely niece will take tons of photos and I'll be sure to share them with you!! 


Hope you have a great day today! 

I'll be thinking of you all as I enjoy my Date Day with my love!

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  1. I LOVE target!! And I love saving even more!
    I love having one day dedicated to going out with your SO. Ours is Saturday!
    And I love, love, love the Asian chicken salad at Panera!

    And those cookies are too cute.


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