Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's go Steelers!!

Well, for the third time this season, the Steelers will meet the Ravens tomorrow. 
First game we lost, second game we prevailed.

This game is a very important Playoff Game.  The winner will advance to next week's game against the Patriots for the opportunity to play in Superbowl 45!

The Steelers' biggest division rival is none other than the Ravens and I was not a happy camper when the Chiefs couldn't pull off a win last week against the Ravens.

Tons of friends (who has cheered AGAINST ME the entire season) are actually pulling for the Steelers to win tomorrow, only because they want to see a
Steeler / Patriot match-up.

Personally, I do too!

So, Good Luck to the NFL team who has THE MOST SUPERBOWL WINS!!


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