Monday, January 3, 2011

Do YOU take life for granted??

Counting my Blessings

1)  New Beginnings
2)  Good Friends
3)  Amazing Children
4) Grateful Family
5) Most caring, understanding, best friend ever!

Isn't it amazing how much we take for granted in life  I mean we all love our significant others and children but do we really show them how much?  Do they know how much they mean to us?  How much we really love them? 

Your good friends.... do they know how much you treasure their friendships?  Do they know how much you appreciate them being your friend?

Often times we all get so caught up in this crazy thing called LIFE that we tend to take for granted some of the things we have in our lives.  Both physically and materialistically. 

Often times it's a little too late to tell that person how much you love them, or too late to show your friends just how much their friendship means to you.

Life is just too darn short for us to "forget" those special people in our lives.  You never know what the day holds for you, so be sure to tell those you love that you love them; tell your friends how much their friendship means to you; be sure everyone who is a part of your everyday lives know exactly how important of a role they play in your life. 

It's important not just for you to say it, but for them to hear it.


Today's Word of the Day is:



1: naming a real thing or class of things

2: formed by coalition of particles into one solid mass

3: relating to or involving specific people, things, or actions rather than general ideas or qualities

4: relating to or made of concrete


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