Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals & Wishes

While I used to make New Year Resolutions every year, they usually ended up being epic fails.  So last year I started my "New Year Goals" list.  It was a list of things I WANTED to accomplish, but they were more of a "get as much crossed off the list as you can" type of thing.  And with the wedding, cruise and vacations thrown in there, I knew it was going to be tough.

I found this excerpt from a fellow blogger, and it totally surmizes the same exact ways I was feeling, and expresses what I wanted to say:

I have spent the last couple of days pondering the difference between a goal and a resolution. It is a strange thing to ponder, but I think knowing the difference helps me to establish what I want to set for myself this year.

Merriam-webster defines a resolution as : a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted by an official body or assembled group. A goal is : the end toward which effort is directed.

I am not good with resolutions. I never stick to them because there never seems to be an end, and going by the definition it is just an expression of opinion. I like the idea of goals. I am stating the end point where I want to be. I looked through my goals that I set for myself last year. I accomplished some, but not all, but I completed something.

I am excited to have goals for this upcoming year. I know that I won't accomplish them all, but if I don't set my threshold high, then I won't strive for any of them. I am going to actually print out my goals this year and post them so that I can make sure to work through the list. I think that is partially why I didn't complete so many from last year.

So, this year I have a list again.  A list that I want to slowly but surely have things crossed off.  My "goal" per se, is to cross as many things off said list as I can.

This year, I've separated my goals & wishes into two categoties:  Lifestyle Goals & Around the House Goals.

Lifestyle Goals ~ 2011

Take time to stretch & work out every morning
Cook and Eat Healthier
Stick to my weekly menu planning
Read the Bible in 90 days
Read 125 books
Blog on a daily basis
Keep in touch with family more often
Create & Stick to a Daily Household Chore List
Continue to pursue my BA
Take mini-vacations with Brian more often
Continue our Date Day Thursdays
Purchase at least one Christmas gift a month
Stick to my Word of the Day
Attend & get involved with Church
Put $20 away a month in a "pickle jar"

Around the House Goals ~ 2011

De-clutter the Den
Get the Den cleaned & organized
Get my Clever Confections business supplies organized
Re-theme the bathroom
Re-organize kitchen cupboards


I'm sure I'll be tweaking these lists as the days roll by, hopefully crossing things off as they are achieved and /or accomplished.

Let me leave you all with today's Word of the Day!

  • flummox

  • It's a verb, and it means confuse.

    Here's an example of the word used in a  sentence:

    Ruth was flummoxed by the angry outburst and wild accusations that greeted her mild complaint.


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