Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yay!  It's a New Year!!

While 2010 was such a great year, I'm glad it's finally over!!  It flew by so fast for me; perhaps the fastest year for me that I can remember!!

We had so many memerable milestones this year ~ some good, some bad.  I loved every second of my life in 2010, but I'm so very ready for the New Year!


The hubby and I got married in April on the beach of Catalina Island!  We were fortunate to have 40 of our closest friends and family members cruise with us on the Carnival Elation for a 4 night, 5 day cruise down Baja Mexico.  While in port at Catalina Island, we had our ceremony on the beach!

It was simply AMAZING!!

In May, we celebrated with our family and friends at an "At-Home" Reception in California, followed by another Reception in Minnesota four weeks later in June.

We had a very busy but exciting couple of months of traveling!  It was an awesome time, that's for sure!


Unfortunately, our happy times cme to an abrupt halt.  A week after our return from Minnesota, we were informed that Brian's only Uncle had passed away.  So, instead of flying back on short notice, (flights were actually up to $800 plus per person), we rented a car and road tripped it 2000 plus miles back to Minnesota for the funeral.

We got to see some of Brian's family members who he hadn't seen in years and I was able to meet some of them as well. 

Needless to say, we were in Minnesota for our Reception, Brian's 50th Birthday as well as his Uncle's Funeral.  Our June and July was full of traveling!

Three months later, my grandfather in Hawaii passed away.  So, in October, Brian and I flew to Hawaii for my grandfather's funeral.  We were there for about a week and despite the fact tht we were there for the funeral, it was Brian's first trip so we were able to take him around the island and do some touristy things as well.

Again, for the funeral, I was able to see lots of family members that I haven't seen in decades!!!  I was even able to actually meet some that I've never met before.

My brother flew in from Guam and I hadn't seen him in about 5 years.  Also, Brian was able to meet my father!  Along with my brother and all my other family members!


So yeah, it goes without saying, our 2010 had some very memorable moments and events!

I hope 2011 brings everyone lots of joys and memories!

Happy New Years!!!

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